10 Great Business Myths. A Seminar Explaining Why Many Businesses Struggle…


Pádraic Ó Máille always believed the purpose of business was to make money. That was until he ended up in hospital and out of work for over a year. During his recovery it occurred to him that the purpose of business wasn’t to make money. It was to BUILD A BUSINESS THAT MADE MONEY.

It forced him to rethink many former business mindsets and he discovered a full 10 business myths – anyone of which, could be holding your business back.

In this high content, high energy seminar, Pádraic will challenge you to challenge some previously held business mind sets such as:

  1. The Customer isn’t always right ……… but!
  2. All activities are not of equal importance. Learn five that are more important.
  3. Most businesses don’t work. The people who own them do. Learn what you can do about this.
  4. Academic Qualifications are important but nowhere near as important as this one skill.
  5. Location. Location. Location are no longer the three most I pirtant words in business. Learn what is.
  6. Time managemnet is no longer the #1 executive training course in the world. Learn what it’s been replaced by.
  7. Companies never grow. People do. This mindset shift alone could change your results.
  8. Everyone communicates but few connect. Get a new technology on the day that will radically improve your connection skills.
  9. Learn why goal setting is nowhere near as important as this.
  10. Business and life are difficult. Once you accept this things get easier.

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