Ronnie O’Gorman

For 22 years I’ve been preaching the importance of “You can’t communicate enough with your customers”.

Did I swallow my own medicine however?

Not likely. “Sons of the Cobbler Syndrome”!

And now, for the first time, through the wonders of technology, I intend communicating with all those of you who have been asking me for “ongoing refreshment” for some time.

The method I propose using is to interview an “Achiever” each week and present the interview in both written and video/audio format.

In addition, through this blog, I will facilitate a discussion on what we can learn from each “Conversation”.

I welcome very much your participation and feedback and look forward very much to providing you with learning that is inspiring, informative and uplifting.

To begin the series, I have great pleasure in introducing you to Ronnie O Gorman, who 40 years ago this week, founded and set up the enormously successful Galway Advertiser. It has gone on to become one of the great businesses of it’s type in Ireland and has spawned publications in Mayo, Roscommon, Athlone and Kilkenny. Quite apart from it’s business success, the real value of “The Advertiser” for many of us has been it’s enduring impact as a source of news, gossip, opinion and advertising of course.

Here are 7 Things You Can Learn From Ronnie O Gorman.

1. Go when you’re asked. Opportunity rarely comes dressed in a tuxedo but frequently enters via the back door  heavily disguised as a problem or adversity.

2. Find work you love. Anything else is prostitution.

3. Learn to harness the power of visualisation. By the way, the word “harness” is the salient one here. The fact is we are masters of the art of visualisation at a very young age. My current puppy Potter, salivates “soakingly” at the sound of food being prepared, whether it’s for him or not.

4. Establish “Ground Rules” for yourself, your family, your business – and if you’re Brian Cowen or Sean Brady or Seanie Fitzpatrick – for your country, your church and your bank. Remember “The Rule of Benedict”. 1500 years is a testament to something being right.

5. Listen more. My great friend John Keyes explained to me the cause of him breaking his leg during the frost at Christmas. “Contrary to many of the rumours going around the houses, it was in to Lonergans I was going, not coming out. The fact of the matter quite simply P was “I was talking when I should have been listening”.

6. Walk more. Einstein once said that “Nothing happens until something moves”. By extension, the more you move the more that happens.

7. Be cheerful. To your family, your customers, your team, your enemies but most importantly to yourself. We may not have all the solutions to the recession but I guarantee you, one half hour in Ronnie’s cheerful kindness and the world looks a much better place.

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