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Frank Bettger was a legendary American baseball player when injury forced him to retire from the game back in 1907.

As an Insurance salesperson for the following ten ‘miserable and disheartening months’, he was an unmitigated disaster. He failed abysmally to sell and this had a corresponding impact

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on his morale and attitude. ‘I was not only discouraged; I was in the depths of despair’ he would later admit to friends.

One fateful Saturday morning he resolved to pack it all in and proceeded to his office to clear out his desk. While there he inadvertently overheard the President of his company advise a group of top performing salespeople on the science of selling. That one sentence would have the most profound and enduring effect on Bettgers life, helping to transform him from failure to unrivalled success. That sentence was this:

‘After all, this business of selling narrows down to one thing – just one thing… Seeing the people! Show me any person of ordinary ability who will go out and enthusiastically tell their story to four or five people a day, and I will show you someone who just can’t help making good’.

There you have it. One sentence containing five components of outstanding success in sales. Do not be deluded by it’s simplicity. All you ever need for success beyond your wildest dreams is contained therein. Let’s consider that statement in more detail:

1.Ordinary Ability:

You do not need to be Obama, Madonna or Bono. In order to be outstanding as a salesperson ‘ordinary ability’ is more than sufficient. That in all probability, you are possessed of ‘extraordinary ability’ is an added advantage.

2. Go Out Enthusiastically:

The word enthusiasm derives from the Greek which means to ‘breathe life into’. Imagine if you were to ‘breathe more life’ into all your affairs today! It would have an immediate impact. I once heard Con Daly, Acorn Life’s salesperson of the Year in

2010, say that ‘If I had four appointments booked for the day but wasn’t feeling 100% enthusiastic, I’d reschedule them all’. That is the value he placed on enthusiasm.

What happens however if you just don’t feel enthusiastic. The answer according to Bettger is ‘To become enthusiastic – act enthusiastic’. If that sounds like faking it bring it on.

3. Tell Your Story:

Stories are the most potent yet under-utilised marketing tools in the world. Many of us prefer to trade in statistics and facts and jargon failing to appreciate what every child knows – everyone loves stories and will remember their content for ages. The issue is, most of us lack the Smácht to craft and refine our story. Begin today by recording where you’ve come from, where you are now, where you’re going and all the interesting challenges, victories and personalities you encountered along the way. Saturate all your promotional material such as your website, your brochures and your direct mail with story rich material.

4. To Four or Five People.

Many people have enthusiasm in spades and tell a good story yet fail to do it consistently and systematically. Telling Your Story should become a priority task for you daily if your wish is to succeed in sales. If you analyse the core Competencies and characteristics of the great salespersons they generally excel at taking massive action on a consistent basis. The key is Smácht.

5. Daily.

I once recall asking Brian O Driscoll what he did in training all the time. He told me that ‘every day I spend time passing, kicking and tackling’. Even at their prolific best the great performers continue to be brilliant at the basics. Great performance is not nearly as contingent on trying loads of trendy management techniques as mastering a few of the basics. Chet Holmes, the American writer maintained that ‘I realised that becoming a master of karate was not about learning 4000 moves but about doing a handful of moves 4000 times’.

Have you the Smácht this week to do the Bettger 5 daily?

All you need is Smácht.


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