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Think about it friends.
On average, we spend 4 seconds scanning a page of a newspaper or a magazine or a printed medium. Each day I go straight to the rugby section of the Independent. My mother hares straight into the obituaries section and boy, does she do it due diligence! Every death from ‘Allen’ to ‘Zoolate’ will be scanned, read, re-read and noted.
The fact of the matter is that Mammy and I have scoured two pages of a newspaper. If your promotional piece has per chance landed on either of those pages, bully for you. We’re sitting ducks.
There are however, 72 pages in the Indo and if your piece is there, you must be outstanding to attract our attention and incite us to buy your offering.
The single biggest challenge in marketing and connecting today is CLUTTER.
35000 different stimuli traverse your cerebral circuitry daily and the function of your brain is to edit and make some sense of this jumble. In order for you to stand out, get noticed and get remembered you need to perform like a pro.
The good news, as with all things in life, is that others have already mastered the art of connection and the information is there if we were but to follow the masters.
David Ogilvy, the most successful marketeer of all time, said that every promotional piece that ever emanates from your business should have 4 objectives:
1. Grab Attention.
2. Stimulate Interest.
3. Create Desire.
4. Get Your Prospect to Take Action.
Outstanding marketing is as simple as that.
(AIDA) should become the checklist for all your promotional output not just advertising. Apply it to your business card, your direct mail, your email, your PR, your selling, your social media, your web presence.
And most crucially, apply it in spades to your personality, your presence, your connections.
In order to achieve AIDA be aware of 4 factors:
1. Location.
The right hand side of a printed medium will attract infinitely more attention than the left hand side.
2. Headline.
Every newspaper in the world uses headlines. They do so for a reason. They attract attention. Ogilvy said to spend 80% of the clients money on the headline. Use headlines on everything. Your proposals, your quotes, your website, your CV, your emails.
3. Photograph/Image.
Wasn’t it Confucius who said ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ . You better believe him. And he didn’t have google images, or a camera or even a computer! Be honest! What’s the first thing you do when you read your local paper? You scan the photographs. It’s normal behaviour. An eminent psychiatrist once assured me of that. In addition, use photos of attractive women, children and animals. Nothing sexist or ageist about this – it’s been verified that this is what grabs attention. It’s called ‘Connecting’.
4. Some Ground Rules.
Vertical/Portrait pulls better than horizontal/landscape. Don’t question it. It works. Your eyes roll down as opposed to across.
Lower case pulls better than capitals. Just look at all the newspaper headlines.
Use a serif font as opposed to sans serif. Designers the world over slate me for this. Serif may look sexier and trendier. Sans serif is easier to read. Think back to your courting days.

If you had a choice between looking the best or pulling the best what would you do?

PS in the Wonderbra advertisement that generated millions observe the basic features off good advertising.
Great Headline. 7 words. No jargon.
Great Image.
Shows the product in use.
Sells both a solution to a problem and a good feeling. (The solution is the bra, the good feeling is the way you’ll look when you’re wearing it)
Note the size of Wonderbras logo. It’s tiny. Less than 5% of the page. And if you observe your local newspaper today you’ll see people wasting fortunes on putting in big logos.
Less is more.

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