Smacht Blog – Monday 30th May – Five Great Ways to Grab Your Audiences Attention and Be Remembered

What have Pippa Middleton, Barack Obama and Pope John Paul 11 all got in common?

Their presentations will be remembered long after they were delivered.
The reverse is true with 95% of presentations.
Think of the last meeting, sales call or presentation you attended. Was it memorable? Did it engage you?

Did it stimulate you? Did you take action as a result of it’s impact?

The answer is frequently no. This is a lost opportunity – for your audience, your business and your reputation.
It doesn’t have to be this way. With the appropriate mindset, techniques and strategies you too can deliver presentations that endure and inspire and achieve results.
The following five strategies are the bones of the Smácht Presentation Skills Programme and can be easily remembered by using the acronym ‘BREME’.

1. Begin Powerfully.

You literally have seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Make them count. Desist from any superfluous or unnecessary commentary. Make your message targete
d. Remember that your audience only ever buy two things – solutions to problems or good feelings. Ensure your opening contains at least one of those two motivating factors.
It will be 32 years this September since John Paul 11 came to Galway. Even after all that time I, along with countless thousands, many who weren’t even at the event, can still remember his opening salvo. ‘Young people of Ireland, I love you’. Only 7 words and 28 letters in length, it was targeted [Young People of Ireland], had a good feeling [Love you], and was dramatically different from any other start to a sermon that most of us had experienced before.

2. Repeat Regularly.

Repetition works. Do not assume that your audience will assimilate your material first time. Look for ways to repeat your message in multiple sensory forms – oral, visual, tactile, gustatory [Credit to Guinness’ for getting Obama to drink the pint.] It appealed to all the senses.

3. Emphasise Dramatically.

Your brain is one massive filter. It’s role is to police the almost infinite amounts of clutter and allow in only that

which it judges as suitable, or dramatic. Pippa Middleton may never again enjoy the same amiable relationship with her sister Kate, but she will be remembered. Sylvie Nealon, Smácht Athlone, had it on good authority that she was wearing und

erwear beneath that stunning dress. He may or may not be right. She will definitely be remembered.

4. Maximise Involvement.

Many of us have become accustomed to having a well earned rest at meetings. They provide a one way vehicle for us  to tune out for a period while still appearing as if we’re intensively interested. Make people work at your meetings and presentations. They may not like it but they will be engaged and far more likely to take action. To summarise, Obama couldn’t have done it much better than with the line ‘Is feidir linn’. 3 words, 12 letters, not even his first language , but what an impact. It involved us big time.

5. End Powerfully.

Many of us make powerful presentations only to fail utterly at consummating the affair by neglecting to end powerfully. Psychologists wax lyrical on the Laws of Recency and Primacy. In street parlance, that means we remember that which we hear at the beginning and the end of a presentation. Feargal Quinn used refer to it as the AFTB question – Ask For The Business.
In conclusion, 95% of your results in life are achieved through your communications with other people. Imagine if you were to discover strategies that would increase your ability to impact those communications.
You just have. It’s called BREME.
The only thing is, you need Smácht to apply BREME.
Smácht plus BREME equals Magic.
C2011 Padraic O Maille May 30th 2011

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