Conversations with Achievers, Owen O'Malley. Founder of TICN. By Padraic O Maille.

‘By the age of sixty five 95% of people worldwide are either dead or dead broke’. Owen O’Malley

Owen O’Malley was not the first to identify with such an alarming statistic.

Way back in 1956, Earl Nightingale revealed in ‘The Strangest Secret’ that ‘if you take 100 individuals who start even at the age of 25, do you have any idea what will happen to those men and women by the time they’re 65? These 100 people believe they’re going to be successful. They are eager toward life….but by the time they’re 65, only one will be rich, four will be financially independent, five will still be working, and 54 will be broke – depending on others for life’s necessities’.

Why do so many fail? What has happened to the sparkle that was there when they were 25? What has become of the dreams, the hopes, the plans…. and why is there such a large disparity between what these people intended to do and what they actually accomplished?

Those are the questions that have been driving Owen O’Malley for the past twenty years.

In response to them he conceived and founded TICN Ltd (the Investment Club Network). That company has succeeded in educating 20,000 people in 30 different countries to take control of their financial destiny. There are currently 1000 investment clubs worldwide with O’Malley confidently predicting 10,000 in the near future.

Zig Ziglar once said that ‘money may not be the most important thing in the world but it’s right on up there with oxygen’. Failure to take control of your financial legacy will lead to unending stress. Owens story offers you the opportunity to learn from one of the worlds finest investment educators how to define what financial freedom is, how to create a plan that can deliver FF within a specific period and how to acquire the skills, the attitude and the  Smácht to defy the odds and achieve financial freedom in a manageable time period

There must be a better way…

Owen is an environmentalist scientist by qualification and spent many enjoyable years pioneering the salmon industry in Donegal. Successful and all as he was, he realised at an early age that being an employee was never going to provide him with an enduring, sustaining source of finance for himself and his young family.

As a student in Boston he was struck by the familiarity the average American has with the stock exchange and it’s use as a legitimate source of finance. He’d intended to learn more about it  but he got a career and as Robert Kiyosaki said in his excellent book ‘Retire Young, Retire Rich’  ‘the problem with having a job is that it gets in the way of getting rich’.

It would be some years later before the idea presented itself to him again. Tony Robbins, the American motivational speaker was presenting a Wealth Mastery programme in England with many of the greatest investment gurus on the planet in attendance. Sir John Templeton ( who passed away as then11th richest man in the world) was scheduled to speak. So also was Anita Roderick, founder of the Body Shop. So also was Ella Williams who founded AT and T. As O’Malley perceived it, there was centuries of distilled knowledge available at that six day programme.

The only problem was that it cost £20,000 sterling. Interestingly O’Malley trades in stocks and shares, not problems. While he didn’t have the cash, he had conviction and commitment and when those two ally you invariably get ‘creativity’.

He sold his car to pay for the seminar….

‘It was the best investment of my life’. It’s a philosophy that recurringly presents throughout his career – that information is power provided it’s backed by action.

‘I learned three gems from those seminars. The first is that if someone

else can do it, so too can I. I just need to elicit what it is that that person does and model them like there’s no tomorrow. The second was the distinction between wealth generation as opposed to income generation. A focus on income generation solely is what prevents the majority of people from developing real wealth. Thirdly, I learned what all great Achievers have always known – the power of a mastermind group. I resolved from therein out to focus one hour per week of my time on wealth generation’.

Unlike many course participants, Owen took immediate and congruent action. He began to follow and assimilate the strategies of the masters and within 18 months he was earning more investing in the markets than he was from his position as an extremely successful manager.

It occurred to him that he could now teach those strategies to others and so the Investment Club Network was conceived. Over the years he has refined his teaching and communication skills and he is now regarded as one of the worlds most powerful and impactfull facilitators of investment learning. His gift is his capacity to take the mystery out of investment jargon and present it in meaningful, memorable and immediately usable fashion.

Just what is Financial Freedom?

‘Financial Freedom is when the passive income from your assets equals the income you require to fund your chosen desired lifestyle. The journey towards FF begins with getting money to work for you as well as you working for money’. For arguments sake, if you require €60,000 to live on, you need investment assets to generate that income annually.

These assets typically derive from three sources – property, business and stocks and shares.

The Celtic Tiger fuelled massive incongruities in the property market. Vastly overvalued properties were financed at 120% mortgages and now lie in negative equity.

Neither is business the panacea for enduring financial freedom. The statistics point towards abysmal success performance. As many as 80% of businesses fail within the first five years. Many business owners will testify that they are the first into work, the last to go home, and when things get quiet they are the last to get paid. If a business owner fails to sell their business for a substantial sum that can then be reinvested in the markets it’s unlikely that person will ever achieve FF. Sadly many business owners go broke trying to appear rich.

‘The only show in town is investing in quality companies at the right price and protecting your investment accordingly’ says O’Malley.

The only way to get Financially Free is to figure out a way to make money work for you as opposed to you working for money.

‘Look at it this way. If you own Dell shares Michael Dell is working for you. If you own Microsoft shares, Bill Gates is working for you. If you own Apple shares, Steve Jobs is working for you. The magic line in the sand you cross is the day you get the best business people in the world working for you’.

Einstein once said that ‘compound interest is the eight wonder of the world’. In his book ‘Snowball’, Warren Buffet describes how he went from making his first trade at six years of age to amassing a fortune in excess of 80 billion dollars. Over his 46 years of trading  he averaged growth of 24% per annum and the results speak for themselves.

Now it may not be representative of 46 years but two years ago Owen taught the transition year students in Buncrana how to trade. 13 of them invested €40 each into a fund of €500. Within one year that fund had grown from €500 to €1105 – a phenomenal performance of 120% growth in their first year, totally eclipsing that of their illustrious international traders.

While Owen does not promote 120% growth rates as representative he can confidently bring graduates from 2% a month to 5% a month provided they have the Smácht to follow the system. In his recently published book ‘So You Want To Be Financially Free’ he provides a compelling case for the wisdom of following his teaching. He outlines clearly and in detail how if you were to invest as little as €125 per month, and achieved growth rates of 5% per month your cumulative amount would be €1,009,563 within 10 and a quarter years.

That is a most appealing prospect in theory. The reality is that to achieve that performance you must demonstrate massive discipline and Smácht. In order to facilitate that Owen has developed the notion of the mastermind group or club. Clubs meet monthly and follow a precise agenda of trading that has been well proven. In addition to making joint decisions on well researched information the clubs have all the benefits of combined ‘purchasing power’. It represents excellent leverage of knowledge, expertise and time.

In order to make great decisions you need great information.

Many people base their stock Market decisions on hearsay, gut or emotional reasons. It’s like picking a horse in a race because you like it’s name. The reverse is true in TICN. A rigorous 4 Step Research System has been devised to help you select the finest companies in the world at the right price. Out of a possible 30,000 companies trading on the stock Market TICN show you how to select the top 300. They then help you to choose those companies that represent the best value for money at that time.

Similar to a property you also can rent shares at an income. Most interestingly, and also using a property analogy, you can insure those shares against loss. This little known strategy means that all those people whose shares in the Irish Banks have fallen so drastically could have protected against much of that loss.

These strategies underpin starkly the difference between betting on a horse and investing, using scientific strategies, in the stock Market. In racing, if your horse loses, you lose everything. In trading, if your stock plummets, you may lose 90%.

I don’t call my laptop a computer, I call it an ATM machine.

I’ve long argued that money comes a distant fourth behind health, great relationships and a meaningful life. Owen O’Malley has distinguished himself superbly in these areas also.

For starters technology has enabled him to run his multimillion euro business from his wonderful home in Fanad in Co. Donegal. One of the most northerly and beautiful parts of Ireland, Owens first priority each day is to seize his ‘hour of power’ and walk the 5 mile beach with his wife and business partner Mags. A serial athlete, Owen has completed the world famous Comrades Marathon (56 miles) in less than 11 hours. In order to achieve this level of fitness Owen once again resorted to his timeless philosophy of learning from the best. When in America he searched out Stu Middleman, the iconic runner who ran non-stop across America. He paid him 900 dollars for one hour of his time where Stu shared with him priceless secrets to increase stamina and to learn to enjoy running as opposed to endure it.

As the markets don’t open until 2.30 Owen has ample time to stay in contact with the thousands of graduates worldwide that seek his counsel.

Like all great Achievers Owen is still planning ahead. His goal is to have 10,000 investment clubs that will markedly contribute to the fabric of society. In the early part of the twentieth century in Ireland the second highest contributor to our GNP was emigrants remittances. A more modern spin to this would be to educate our nation to trade

profitably on the markets and activate inward investments of millions.

400 years ago Granuaile (Grace O’Malley) pioneered a form of trading in these islands that was dubious in it’s morality yet clinically effective in it’s efficacy. She may have scoffed at the legitimacy of the current O’Malley approach to trading but would have nonetheless been more than proud of it’s success.

Owen O’Malley, Founder TICN, Oige Ó Máille, Investor, Pádraic Ó Máille, Founder Smácht.

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