Smacht Blog – How an Ice Berg Can Keep You Poor, Out of Shape and Lonely? – 4th July 2011

Smacht Blog – How an Ice Berg Can Keep You Poor, Out of Shape and Lonely? – 4th July 2011

I’d like to introduce you to Ice Berg.

He lives in the North Pole but is totally fed up with the weather there and the loneliness.

He’s heard the craic in Galway is mighty and for years now he’d love to move there, but despite his best efforts it just never happens.

You see, as every school garsún will tell you, isn’t 90% of an iceberg below the water line.

And although the top of Ice Berg wants to move, 90% of him wants to stay put.

Notice any similarities between you and Ice Berg?

There are.

You too have a visible, rational mind called your conscious mind.

You also have a massive invisible, emotional mind called your subconscious mind.

And these two minds are in constant communication. Listen to some of their dialogue.

‘I’d love more money’ conscious mind says.

‘Money is scarce and doesn’t grow on trees’ replies subconscious mind.

‘Id love a great beach body’ conscious mind declares.

‘Have that piece of cheesecake and wash it down with a nice pint of cool beer’ subconscious mind tempts.

And that, my friends, more than any

other factor is where you are today – in affairs of wealth, health and love.

Because, with the best will (conscious mind) in the world, you’re on a hiding to nothing if you’re subconscious mind is a reluctant collaborator.

The solution therefore is……..


Thats what Smácht is all about.

Develop the Smácht or discipline, 5 short minutes in the morning and the evening, to programme your magnificent mind to conspire in enabling you to almost effortlessly achieve your goals.

For a jumpstart on getting you to set, programme and track your goals call me any Monday on 091 865340 to get motoring.

Have a great week.


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