Smacht Blog – Why 95% of People are Broke at 65? – 11th July 2011

Why 95% of People are Broke at 65?

1. They never clearly define what Financial Freedom is.

2. They rarely make it an absolute ‘must’.

3. They are unaware of the Ice Berg Factor – the fact that rich people think      like rich people and poor people think like poor people.

4. They are surrounded and influenced by people who are financially  strapped.

5. They never confront the brutal facts of their financial reality.

6. They work for money as opposed to having money work for them.

7. They are unaware that compound growth is the eight wonder of the world.

8. Many have no plan for their Financial Freedom.

9. Many of those who do have a plan

lack the Smácht to follow through on that plan.

10. They never get the knowledge, the skills or the mentoring to achieve Financial Freedom.

11. They are seduced utterly by bad debt and instant gratification.

12. They have no SMÁCHT.

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