Smacht Blog – 100 Days to Make 2011 Your Greatest Year Yet – 12th September 2011

As of today, September 12th 2011, you have exactly 100 days to the year end.

Think about it. You can achieve one heck of a lot in that period if you simply have the SMÁCHT.

The following questions, straight out of the Smácht body of knowledge, will take no more than 5 minutes daily to complete.

The results could last you a lifetime.


1. Whayouwa?

Or as translated by Brendan Grace in a ‘Chinese     Takeaway’  ‘What do you want?’

Put simply, you can’t hit a target you can’t see.

What would be a a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) that would make it a great 2011 for you?

2. Why do you want it?

The ‘why’ question provides the motivation. The word ‘motivation’ derives from the Latin which means to ‘move’. Without motivation, nothing happens.

3. When will you achieve it?

Deadlines work. Period.

4. Where are you now in relation to your BHAG?

Current reality often provides the inspirational

Dissatisfaction required to move us forward.

5.How will you achieve it?

Every house first has a blueprint before a nail is


6.Who do you need to help you expedite your BHAG ASAP?

Remember Jim Rohn’s all time classic ‘You are the average of the five or six people you’re surrounded by the most?’

7. What will you do today to accelerate your progress on your BHAG?


8. What do you understand by Financial Freedom?

9. Why is it important to you?

10. When will you have achieved it?

11. Where are you now in relation to FF?

12. How will you achieve it?

13. Who are the people who best can help you achieve it?

14. What will you do today to accelerate progress towards FF?


15. What exercise will you take today to increase your energy?

16.  What people will you surround yourself with today to increase your energy?

17. What thoughts will you think today to increase your energy?

18. What problems will you proactively solve today to increase your energy?

19. What people will you make feel important today?

20. What ‘Me Time’ will you take for yourself today simply just ‘to be’.

21. What victories are you celebrating today?

22. How can you make a better version of yourself today?


23. How many people will you enthusiastically tell your story to today?

24. How many people will you make feel important today?

25. How will you promote you and your business today?

26. What good turn will you do for someone today and not get found out?


27. What exercise will you do today?

28. What food will you fuel your body with today?

29. What rest will you gift your body today, knowing that fatigue makes cowards of us all?


30. Where will you record details of your time today – on an envelope, on a post it note, on the back of your hand or in a system that will remind you of when you need to take action on it?

31. When will you plan this day – all 86400 seconds of it? Surely it merits maybe 400 seconds. Doesn’t it make sense to spend 400 seconds planning the quality of the other 86000?

32. How will you stay focused on a plan of action for the day, even in the fire of numerous interruptions?

33. What will you say ‘N0’ to today and feel great about it?

34. How will you connect today to your BHAG for the next 100 days? Hint. Revert to questions on strategy.

35. What will you do today to make 2011 your greatest year yet? Remember, it’s all about time.

In conclusion, today is a great day to begin anew your quest to making this a great day and, in

so doing, creating a better version of you.

Make it a great 100 days beginning today.

All you need is Smácht.

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