Smacht Blog – Life is Like a Parade – 26th September 2011

My former

colleague and mentor Dan Stamp once reminded me that life is like a parade.

1%   lead it.

4%   are in it.

5%   watch it.


don’t even know there’s a parade on.

This week find yourself a parade and start marching.

Don’t over duly concern yourself with leading the parade. As the Sunscreen song said ‘Somedays you’re in front. Somedays you’re behind’.

John Webb O Rourke, Smácht Limerick, came seventh last out of 3000 competitors in Gael Force West last month.

After 31 kilometres running, 45 kilometres cycling and a kilometre kayaking across Killary Harbour, including running up and down Croagh Patrick, John never lead that event but as he reflected himself ‘I took myself on and I won against myself’.

This week, determine for yourself to find a parade, and start marching.

This week, determine to take yourself on, and win against your little old self that says you can’t.

This week, get into the parade called life, and enjoy every step of it.

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