Put Yourself in Danger of Getting Business – 3rd October 2011

Put Yourself in Danger of Getting Business – 3rd October 2011

This quotation comes from Sean Beirne of Acorn Life and SMÁCHT Glasson and is one of my all time favourites.

It requires very little further explanation.

Last week at the National Ploughing Championship Jim Dockery, MD of FRS Training and SMÁCHT Glasson, put himself in grave danger of getting business.

Earlier in the day his heifer, Pippa Dockery, was the proud winner of the All Ireland Angus Cross Championship and created considerable consternation amongst the assembled media.

Pippa is pictured here in the centre flanked by her proud owner Jim Dockery on the left and the Sunday World’s fashion editor on the right.

Unbeknownst to Pippa, and her

adoring Jim, she flagrantly violated many of the cardinal sins of staying safe from getting business.

In fact she flew in the face of all four of the ‘AIDA’ attractors of business.

You only have to ask yourself any one of the following four questions and you begin to realise the danger she put Jim and FRS Training in.

1. Did she attract ATTENTION?

2. Did she create INTEREST?

3. Did she stimulate DESIRE?

4. Did she incite ACTION?

Furthermore, Pippa and Jim were both unaware that two things you should never put in an image if you wish to remain safe from business are an image of an animal and/or a provocative girl. They are absolutely guaranteed to attract attention, and very probably business.

This week, as Jim and FRS are inundated with business, all is not lost.

There are several practical ways to lose customers and disentangle yourself from the danger of

getting business.

Here are a few that Jim and Pippa can contemplate this week:

1. Don’t attempt, under any circumstances, to connect with any customers this week. This applies equally by phone, by email, by publicity but most crucially – don’t be caught talking to them face to face.

2. Don’t deliver anything you promise this week. You wouldn’t

believe how quickly this will protect you from increased


3. The key safety measure is not to show any INTEREST

whatsoever in customers this week. This is the ultimate

protection and nearly always works except in situations

where your customer is in a life or death predicament and

simply can’t get their needs met anywhere else.

Join Pippa and Jim and put yourself in danger of getting business this week.

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