Stop Waiting to Land a Knock Out Punch – Look to Win On Points Over 15 Rounds. – 10th October 2011

Stop Waiting to Land a Knock Out Punch – Look to Win On Points Over 15 Rounds. – 10th October 2011

On Wednesday last I got a text from Pádraig Ó Céidigh which I believe is full of wisdom.

Here it is verbatim.

‘In life, don’t wait to land a knock out punch because it may well not happen. Instead look to win on points over 15 rounds. Get to the end of the round, go back to your corner – to your friends, take a breather. Reflect on how the last round went, review the fight so far. Change tactics if you have to. Then go out for the next round with energy and optimism. That’s what I’m doing. Also I’m texting this as I drive. So, I will stop it there’.

How often does our culture espouse the virtues of the quick fix, get rich quick, pay later approach to life!

The reality is that in business and in life you have to pay the price.

There are very few overnight successes.

In order to harvest in the autumn you have to sow in spring.

No one else can do your push ups for you.

In his seminal book ‘The Tipping Point’, Malcolm Gladwell suggested that the price of mastery was ‘10,000 hours’.

I think Pádraig’s text is a wonderful formula for business and life.

Firstly, that life is a journey, every much as a destination, and that while the destination is important, it’s more critical to enjoy the journey.

Secondly, life isn’t so intolerable if we have a number of pit stops, or rounds, scheduled. Take short breaks frequently is an ongoing mantra of Smácht.

Thirdly, build in periodic ‘time outs’ where you recheck your vision, review your progress and change tactics if necessary.

Fourthly, never forget what Jim Rohn said that ‘you’re the average of the four or five people you’re surrounded the most of the time’. You need upbeat, positive and encouraging friends in your corner who know you well enough when to give you a kick in the ass or a pat on the back.

Fifthly, understand that life is a process and generally you get out what you put in.

This week, make time to finish your round winning on points ie winning against yourself. Each time you do something that enables you to become a better version of yourself is worth a point and will stand to you over time. Then take some time out with your supporters to review and recheck and refresh.

All you need is Smácht.


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