Create Web Copy That Sells. A Blueprint for Creating Killer Copy That Will Command Attention and Get Your Prospects to Buy – 7th March 2012

The above copy clearly failed to connect with the customer in any meaningful way. So also does the vast majority of the 200 million websites on the net that are clamouring for attention.

What if there was a way that could convert

10%, 25% – even 50% more, of your website customers? What would it mean to your business and your financial freedom?

20 years ago I discovered one of those priceless books that enabled me teach my clients to massively improve their direct marketing results. It was called ‘Up the Loyalty Ladder’ by Murray Raphel and it was the most street wise book on marketing I ever read.

Only last week I happened to stumble across it’s modern equivalent. It’s written by Maria Velosa and it can transform your business and your fortunes.

Maria points out that most people drive people to their website without ever ensuring they have web copy – the words and text of your website – that sell.

She goes on to say that ‘words are the true currency of the web. The single most important ingredient in a commercial website is web copy. Words make the sale and no amount of cool graphics, interactive bells and whistles, cutting edge design, or sophisticated e-commerce infrastructure could ever compare to the selling ability of compelling web copy. Nothing happens until someone writes the words that get people to click, sign up, read, register, order, subscribe, or buy whatever you’re selling.’

In order to start creating web copy that sells consider the following simple five part blueprint.

Question #1. Identify what problem your prospect is experiencing. I learned from Murray Raphel many years ago that people only ever buy two things – solutions to problems and good feelings. He went on to add that the former is by far and away the most powerful.

Question #2. What has been preventing your prospect solving their problem? Getting your prospect clear on what has been causing the problem is fundamental to them solving it and is used widely in psychotherapy as a strategy to moving people forward.

Question #3. What will be happening when the problem is solved? By getting your prospect imagining and picturing their ideal scenario you are greatly enabling them to buy in to your product or service. Psychologists refer to this as cognitive dissonance – the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. The clearer your prospect is on both these polarities – the more likely they are to purchase. Your task clearly is to build this gap in your copywriting.

Question #4. What’s different about your offering? Often referred to as your USP, this is setting out what differentiates you from other competitors.

Question #5. What do you want your prospect to do now? This is where you tell your prospect to sign up, phone, register, opt in or buy the product.

Imagine if this process worked in a personal selling context! Well it does. Consider how I used it with a girl called Caitriona who asked me at a networking meeting what once used to be a show stopper of a question for me ‘what do you do for a living Pádraic?’

Pádraic: I run a personal development programme called Smácht.

Caitriona: What’s that all about?

Pádraic: Let me ask you a question Caitriona. Are there any three things in your business or life now that you’ve been unable to accomplish up to now?

Caitriona: Sure. Off the the top of my head I’m not as financially free as I’d like to be. Secondly, I’m working all the hours God made and thirdly, I’m totally unfit.

Pádraic: Why do you think you’ve been unable to accomplish them?

Caitriona: Well for starters I’ve probably never really focused on achieving them. Secondly, I don’t always follow through when the going gets tough. And most of all I probably lack the discipline to do what it takes to get them over the line.

Pádraic: What if you had the discipline to focus

on just those three things and make them happen. What would it mean for you?

Caitriona: Well for starters I could sleep at night without worrying about money. Secondly, I could get to do all  those things I’ve been meaning to do for years like going to Australia for a month, taking time to spend with my folks and just simply having space for myself. Finally  I might get to running a 10k which would make me feel and look better.

Pádraic: What if I told you I have a unique approach that can have you achieving all three – not in the next century, but in as little as 60 to 90 days. What if I showed you some of the most successful business people in the world who are using this exact system. Would you be interested in participating in a free Webinar that will show you how.

Caitriona: Sounds cool. How do I register?

Register for my free Webinar ‘Use Your Mind for a Change – 10 Strategies to Earn More, Live More and Achieve More’ by sending an email to or ringing 00353 91 865340.

The bottom line is your content is your currency.

Over the month of March I will be sharing with you many other great strategies that can enable you generate loads more business and live the life of your dreams.

All you need is Smácht.


PS Maria does share a bit of old fashioned advice that is invaluable. She suggests you get some sales copy that really impresses you and you write it out (or type ) two

or three times. By a process of osmosis you will begin to assume the style, idiom, format, and success of the original writer. It’s Smácht in action.

Finally the full title of Maria’s book is

‘Web Copy That Sells.’

Register for my free Webinar ‘Use Your Mind for a Change – 10 Strategies to Earn More, Live More and Achieve More’ by sending an email to or ringing 00353 91 865340.

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