Six Doctors Who Might Just Help You Live to 100 – 28th February 2012

Six Doctors Who Might Just Help You Live to 100 – 28th February 2012

I don’t do superstition on Black Fridays.

One magpie or two on the road – yes, but not Friday 13ths.

On January 13th last therefore, it didn’t cost me a thought when I
casually visited a GP for an innocuous medical for a life policy. I
was even bold enough to suggest to him to get on with the blood
pressure check up because I hated the sensation of it.

When he told me that he’d taken 3 separate readings and that my BP
was dangerously high at 180 over 95 I rapidly revised my take on
being superstitious on Friday 13ths.

Luckily, Dr. Dílis Clare is a Smáchtee in Galway, and I rang her in a
blind panic. We often talk about the value of asking great questions
and Dílis did exactly that. Having listened to my readings she asked
me directly that great question.

What are you most worried about Pádraic?

‘I’m petrified I’ll get a stroke over the

weekend and snuff it’.

She reassured me that this was highly unlikely as my BP would have
to be significantly higher but she did counsel me that action
needed to be taken.

This was a red alert for me and I would have taken any action under
the sun. Dílis prescribed a wonderful cardiovascular tonic that’s
made in Ireland by Daithi O Connor called ReviveQ10 and I’ve taken
it every morning since.

I’ve had my BP monitored since, and whether it’s the ReviveQ10,
the Placebo effect, White Coat syndrome or the dietary
changes I’ve made, my BP was 125 over 80 on Friday last in
Dílis’ clinic.

Doctor # 1 therefore for a healthy and vibrant life is to get
yourself a great General Practitioner who is responsive,
assertive, caring and holistic.

Dílis herself provided me with the other 5 Doctors instrumental
to living healthily to 100. (This will be submitted as a YouTube
interview with

Dílis next week when I get the hang of the
technology but the issue is so important I decided to get this to
you now)

Dílis explained that as far back as the 13th Century, Medics in
Salerno in Italy had identified 3 Doctors vital to good health.
They were:

Doctor Diet.

Doctor Quiet.

Doctor Laughter.

Dílis made one adjustment to accommodate our sedentary
way of living currently – your grandparents walked an
average of 12 miles per day- she added

Doctor Movement.

And if that wasn’t enough, only yesterday she added
a wonderful newaddition to the Smácht lexicon.

It also merits recognition as a Doctor in it’s own right.

It’s called Dr. Smáchtattitude. Get it? The spellcheck on the
computer obviously hasn’t! But tomorrow morning, get out
of the bed with Smàchtattitude. Tonight, go to bed with
Smáchtattitude. And all day today live your day with

In conclusion, the six Doctors absolutely essential to
live to 100 are:

Doctor Dílis (Check her out on

Doctor Diet

Doctor Quiet

Doctor Laughter

Doctor Movement

Doctor Smáchtattitude.

Over the next while Dr. Dílis will be sharing wonderful
insights into how, with a smidgen of Smácht, we can
joyfully live to 100.

All you need is Smácht.


PS on March 20th, 22nd and 26th I will be presenting a
free Webinar entitled ‘Smáchtattitude’ which will share
10 ways to live life 100 %.
For details contact or call 0035391 865340

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