What Two Thieves Can Teach You About Income Generating Strategies – 17th January 2012

What Two Thieves Can Teach You About Income Generating Strategies – 17th January 2012

When you think about it every industry is characterised by similar
approaches to generating income. For example:

Retailers advertise in local papers.
Manufacturers use direct sales teams.
Doctors, dentists and solicitors rely almost exclusively on referrals.
Stockbrokers do practically all their business on the phone.

And most thieves just mug you, take the money and run for it.

Consider however that in every profession exists a master.

I was reminded by a Garda on one of our courses recently of an
innovative approach to income generation exemplified by a
venerable member of the thieving fraternity.

Two men were mugged in Dublin recently. Neither were harmed.

Mugger number one took his victims wallet and all his
cash – €100.

Mugger number two was more selective. He took his victims
wallet with €80 in it, his watch and his inscribed wedding
ring. Neither the watch nor ring had any street value.

Next day, as victim number two left his office on Stephen’s
Green, he hears someone calling his name and is
gobsmacked to recognise the mugger who robbed him.

The mugger is in a most empathetic and enthusiastic humour
and sympathises with his

victim on the theft of his watch and
ring. Being of immense sentimental value, the victim is
overjoyed when

the thief asks him if he’d like to buy the
watch and ring back.

The thief asks for €500 cash but is very amenable to accepting
the €120 that his victim has in his wallet. Upon receipt of the
cash the thief gives his victim a receipt from a pawn shop.
On his own way home the victim went to the pawnshop and
was thrilled to pay another €70 to reclaim his watch and ring.

Compare and contrast the differing outcomes.

Mugger number one made a straight €100 cash.

Mugger number two, applying effective income generating
strategies made €80 on the mugging, €70 in the pawn shop,
and €120 selling the pawn ticket to his victim. Total income: €270.

Wouldn’t it be insightful to learn some other strategies
from Mugger two?

Owing to reasons beyond his control, Mugger number two
is unable to present a seminar on ‘Use Your Potential
for a Change in 2012′.

I have acquired however, at enormous personal expense,
access to all his secrets and will be presenting them at a
seminar entitled ‘The Smácht Change Programme – 30
Strategies to Change Your Financial, Marketing and Sales
Results in 2012.’

Bígí ann on February 6th at the Pillo Hotel in Galway
from 6pm to 8.30pm

For further information, it’s only €30,
contact Annie on 091 865340 or email p@omaille.ie

All you need is Smácht.


PS. For years I’ve been espousing the principle of the primacy
of first entry. I once heard the Chairman of Unilever, Niall
Fitzgerald say that ‘whoever’s first in to the Market place
wins- whether the products right or wrong’.
My son Shane had a different perspective on it recently.
He informed me last week that ‘the second mouse always
gets the cheese’.
Think about that this week and slow down. A bit of the old
bull – but that’s for another week.

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