This is your life. If you don't like it, create a new 'Manifesto' – April 4th 2012

In the Summer of 2009, brothers Dave and Mike, together with their business partner Fabian, CHOOSE – readers of this blog know that you are always free to CHOOSE – to quit their jobs and do work they were passionate about.

Their first task was to sit down on the steps of Union Square and write down what they wanted to achieve. They called it a ‘Manifesto’ – ‘The Holstee Manifesto’ to be precise. What an infinitely richer word than that impersonal phrase beloved of academics who have achieved little in business call a ‘Business Plan’.

Consider the meaning of the word ‘manifesto’. It derives from the Middle English word ‘manifestus’ meaning ‘visible’ and the Latin word ‘manus’ meaning ‘hand’. ‘Manifest’ therefore is the verb for turning thoughts into things.

What will you manifest today, this week, this year – this lifetime?

A great

place to begin would be to create your very own ‘Manifesto’.

Begin by asking ‘Why do we exist?’. If the answer is simply ‘to pay the bills’ you’re in the prostitution business.

Follow that with ‘What’s important to us as a business?’. Think that through from your own perspective, your customers, your employees and your other stakeholders.

Push yourself by asking the great Jim Collins question ‘What can we be the best in the world at?’

Finally declare your minimum standards and live by them.

When Dave and Mike and Fabian sat down on the steps of Union Square a few short years ago to declare their ‘manifesto’ they did so with a positive mindset. Even they however, must have been staggered by the response. 60 million people have now been inspired by the sentiments of this piece of writing.

Isn’t it about time for you to be connecting with 60 million people

All you need is Smácht.


On Thursday April 19th I’m thrilled to say I’m being joined by one of the worlds greatest exponents on making money on the stock Market. Owen O Malley who helps in excess of 25000 people around the world understand the stock exchange will present with me a half day seminar in the Maldron Hotel in Oranmore from 2 to 6pm. It’s called ‘Financial Freedom Forever’ and it will do 3 things.

  1. I’ll share with you everything I can about the Harv Eker ‘Millionaire Mind Intensive’ being held in London on April 13,14 and 15. This alone is worth a fortune.
  2. Owen will actually trade live at the event and show you how to prepare a financial strategy that could have you financially free in as little as 10 years. This information is only known by 1% of the Irish population.
  3. Together we’ll show you how to use your computer as an ATM. Right now, I’m writing this from Lagos in the stunning Algarve. I’m overlooking the Atlantic, listening to the gulls gull and smelling the sweet aroma of Jasmine. What I’m saying dear friends is that there’s a population of 3.2 billion people waiting to be wowed by you online. And you can do that anywhere in the world you’ve access to broadband. Owen is currently helping thousands of people make money on the stock market – not from Frankfurt or New York or Chicago – but from Fanad, where he’s already run 5 miles on the beautiful golden beaches of North Donegal.

It’s only €30. If you’re up to becoming ‘Financially Free Forever’ it might just be the best investment you could make in your future.

Ring Sarah on 091 865340 or email to to be one of 50 to share this information.

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