Will it make the boat go faster? A Blog by Pádraic Ó Máille. Creator of SMACHT.

Will it make the boat go faster? A Blog by Pádraic Ó Máille. Creator of SMACHT.

Sir Matthew Pinsent is one of England’s finest. He

competed in four consecutive Olympics from 1992

to 2004, winning four gold medals as a rower.

Devastated by defeat in the 2003 World Championships,

he sat down with his coach, my old school colleague

Martin McElroy from Eyrecourt in Co. Galway.


Together, they created and developed a wonderful

decision making process, that resulted in them winning

gold in 2004. It was the essence of simplicity.

Effectively they prefaced every decision with the question

‘Will it make the boat go faster?’

If it

did, they executed it. If it didn’t, they dismissed it.

What a magnificent question to ask of your team as

you prepare for 2013!

‘What are the things, that if we did consistently,

would make our boat go faster this year?’

This is the only question you ever need to answer to

address any of your time management issues.

By the way, two things that certainly will make your

boat go faster in 2013 is one, to attend SMACHT Mór

on February 1st next. See www.omaille.ie . There are

only limited places left so sign up now. Secondly, I launch

my book ‘The Midas Power’ – ‘From Powerless to

Powerful in seven days’ on February 1st. If you

would like a first edition copy email Sara on info@omaille.ie

Will it make the boat go faster?

All you need is SMACHT.



PS. Niamh Flynn is looking for volunteers who

suffer from migraine to

participate in a trial.

Call Niamh if you would like to participate

on 086 8234337


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