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Back to School

For the first time in 20 years an Ó Máille
didn’t go back to school this week.

And as I watched all the little kids in their
uniforms, lugging those massive big school
bags under their oxters, I couldn’t help
feeling a tad nostalgic.

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And then I recalled a lesson from one of our
wisest clients. This Tuesday, he went in to
wake his son up to go back to school for the
first time after a long and sunny summer.

Ten minutes later his son was still snugly
sleeping soundly somewhere beneath the

‘Wake up son, its time for school’ said the
Dad enthusiastically.

‘I’m not going to school’ said the son with
calculated defiance.

‘Give me 3 good reasons why you’re not
going’ said the Dad reasonably.

‘Firstly, I don’t like school’ said the son with
conviction. Secondly, the students slag me.
And thirdly, the teachers are always picking
on me’.

‘Now here’s 3 reasons why you’ll get your
ass out of that bed pronto’ said the Dad in a
tone of voice that must be obeyed.

‘Firstly, it’s your duty’.

‘Secondly, you’re 42 years of age’.

‘And thirdly, you’re the Headmaster’.

What a metaphor for life!

WAKE UP. As long as you’re alive there’ll be
school. It doesn’t cataclysmically end after
the na
íonra or after the Leaving or even after
the PhD. As humans we’re on a continuous
journey of learning. It’s our duty. We’re old
enough. And we’re the Headmaster of our
own lives and all those we’re privileged to
connect with.

So, WAKE UP. Put on the uniform. Get
enthusiastic even if you have to fake it,
realising that it will kick in naturally once
you awaken it.  And realise that school
never ends.

Pádraic Ó Maille, 

The Smácht Guy 

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