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Richie McCaw

Yesterday I was almost assaulted by one of our greatest Smachters – Warren Healy of myclubfinances.com fame – as he emerged from the former Lydon’s Cafe in Shop Street.

‘Did you read about how Richie McCaw became a ‘Great All Black’ in today’s Irish Independent’ he enquired enthusiastically?

To be honest, I’ve hadn’t had either the heart or the guts to read anything about the All Blacks in the wake of our closest of calls with them on Sunday last.

‘It’s pure Smácht’ said Warren, ‘and straight out of everything that’s ever been written on goal setting.’

He proceeded to share with me the story behind the success of one of the ‘Great All Blacks’.

In 1998, Richie McCaw was having lunch with his uncle in Timaru, a seaside town in South Canterburry in New Zealand. Still only 17, he’s been selected for a New Zealand U-19 trial. He eagerly shows his uncle the training programme.

‘So you want to be an All Black’ his uncle asks nonchalantly.

‘More than anything else’ replies the younger McCaw, echoing the dream of every aspiring young New Zealander.

‘Then, we’d better start charting a plan for it’ states his uncle matter of factly. He  proceeds to unfold a white napkin on the table and writes in large black letters in the middle – ‘All Blacks 2004’

He then reverently presented the napkin to Richie and asked him to sign on it ‘Great All Black’. The youngster was far too modest to do this and abbreviated it to ‘G.A.B.’

He pocketed the napkin and placed it on a high cupboard in his bedroom where he could see it everyday but no one else could.

The rest is history. Capped in 2001 against Ireland in Dublin he has gone on to win 124 caps captaining the team 87 times. He has won 110 tests creating an 89% winning

When the All Blacks still trailed Ireland in the 81st minute of the match on Sunday, as they had for the entire match, one wonders what programme was playing in McCaws head! I suspect ‘Great All Black’

You’ve heard it before.

1.   Decide what you want.

2.   Choose to be ‘great’ as opposed to ‘good’. Remember ‘the biggest enemy of great is good’.

3.   Write it down. A napkin will more than suffice.

4.    Put a date on it.

5.    Visualise it daily









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