About Pádraic

Welcome to my website. I’m Pádraic Ó Máille.

My goal is to make you richer.

Richer mentally. Richer physically. Richer financially.

Why bother, you may well ask?

Well in Ireland alone, with a population of only 4 million, 400,000 people are on
anti-depressants, with the number projected to rise to 600,000 by 2020.

In America, as many as 50% of the population are obese.

Globally, 70% of the population want to be in business for themselves,
blissfully unaware that 80% of those who start a business will be insolvent
within five years.

There you have it. The three critical challenges of our times. As John Gray so
eloquently put it ‘In our minds we’re accumulating stress. In our bodies we’re accumulating fat. And in our businesses we’re accumulating debt’.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Pádraic Ó Maille and Pat McDonagh

What if I were to reveal to you a mindset, a formula, a habit – that can transform
your attitude, your vitality and your finances!
I will. It’s called SMACHT.

SMACHT is the ancient Irish word for discipline. And when you think about,
every great achievement you ever accomplished was preceded by discipline.

Every baby that ever fell dozens of times before they eventually walked displayed
SMACHT. Every marathon runner who ever completed a marathon had the SMACHT to train and prepare for the event. Every business person who ever created a successful business oozed SMACHT in the light of the countless inevitable obstacles.

You can achieve every goal you ever aspire to if you have sufficient SMACHT to
follow it through. As Jim Rohn said ‘Discipline is the bridge between aspiration and accomplishment’.

Pádraic O'Maille with Padraig Ó Ceidigh

Pádraic O’Maille with Padraig Ó Ceidigh

Why then, if the solution to all our significant woes seems so simple do so many
people fail to lead happy, healthy and wealthy lives?

The reason is that we get discouraged by the thought of ‘perpetual discipline’. We
mistakenly confuse short term pain with perpetual pain.

The great secret in SMACHT is that you only ever have to persist with discipline
until it becomes habit. Once you have internalised good habits into your neurocircuitry
you will carry them out effortlessly and automatically without any association with

That’s why we created SMACHT. SMACHT is a lot more than a word.

It’s a philosophy – a way of working and living.

Padraic with Paul Kenny in Dubai. Paul created and sold cobone.com for $40 million

Padraic with Paul Kenny in Dubai. Paul created and sold cobone.com for $40 million

It’s a series of training courses that motivate, educate and hold you accountable.

It’s a community of business people who have successfully transformed their
businesses and lives and who are more than willing to motivate you to do the same.

It’s, although I say it myself, a seriously uplifting free blog that you can use to
accomplish greatness on a weekly basis.

Professional Profile

Pádraic has a B.Comm and DMP (Marketing Practice) from NUI Galway
In addition he has a First Class Honours Certificate in Learning from NUI Maynooth.

He spent 9 years as a Senior Consultant with Priority Management Vancouver, The
Synectics Corporation and Envision Marketing before setting up his own consultancy
OMailleGroup in 1998. His experience with these corporations influenced his unique training style profoundly. Priority Management gave him access to the best content worldwide in terms of time management, productivity and strategic planning. Synectics, on the other hand are world leaders in process consultancy, innovation and facilitation skills. They were instrumental in developing him into an outstanding group facilitator where he enjoys a global reputation for bringing the best out in groups. With Envision Marketing, he was reunited with his former Marketing Professors from NUI Galway – Jim Ward and Aidan Daly. With them he was responsible for developing the highly acclaimed and successful Marketing Action Programme which for many years was regarded as the best marketing practice course in Ireland. It’s key success lay in the combination of cutting edge marketing content allied to interactive and participative group work.

In OMailleGroup, Pádraic has been privileged to work with many of Irelands finest entrepreneurs who continue to use him because of his positive energy, his incisive content and his ability to bring the best out in people. Globally he has worked with several international rugby players, film stars and politicians.

A former Chairperson of the internationally renowned Galway Oyster Festival, he is also a past President of Junior Chamber Galway and a Senator in Jaycee’s International. In 1988 he was awarded Jaycee Internationals world award for PR. He is also an award winning debater and public speaker where he has represented Ireland on several competitions.

Pádraic lives in the west of Ireland where he enjoys surfing, boating and nature. His perfect day is a trip across Galway Bay on a RIB to Inis Oirr where he drinks pints of Guinness and chats in Irish with the locals. His book, ‘The Midas Power’, was based on Inis Oirr and is a parable about a challenged business man who finds solutions to his business and his life on the island.

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