About Pádraic

At school Pádraic had the reputation of being the second laziest person in his year. His mother and teachers despaired of him and forewarned that if he didn’t work hard he’d amount to nothing.

That might well have occurred but for one thing.

The laziest person at school excelled academically, athletically and later in business and in love.

And he shared his secret with Pádraic.

Paradoxically his secret to lazy success was founded on the notion of discipline. He discovered that if you can discipline yourself to perform an activity until it becomes a habit and a routine, then it becomes automatic and doesn’t require further discipline.

The same is true for every endeavour in business and life. Identify those simple disciplines that impact most potently your key result areas and develop habits and routines to ensure they occur effortlessly and automatically.

Pádraic has subsequently taught ‘The Discipline of Success’ to thousands of leaders worldwide. During the ‘Celtic Tiger,’ the singular worst recession to affront the Irish economy, three hundred seriously troubled business people practiced ‘The Discipline of Success.’ Two hundred and eighty of them not just survived the recession but have thrived on it.


Pádraic Ó Maille and Pat McDonagh

Gary Keller, author of ‘The One Thing,’ and cofounder of the largest real estate business in America summarised it elegantly when he said ‘success is actually a short race – a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over.’

To learn the 52 Disciplines of Success click here.

Pádraic’s key strength and passion is teaching. He possesses an ability to bring the best out in people and he does this through writing, speaking and mentoring.

He has written three books – ‘The Midas Power,’ ‘Rocking Horse Shit’ and the booklet, ‘The Discipline of Success.’ Please click here for details.

He is an award winning speaker who combines high energy with rich content and purposeful storytelling. His listeners claim to remember vividly his messages and learnings and be inspired by them for years after hearing them. Please click here for details of his speeches.

Padraic with Paul Kenny in Dubai. Paul created and sold cobone.com for $40 million

Padraic with Paul Kenny in Dubai. Paul created and sold cobone.com for $40 million

Pádraic O'Maille with Padraig Ó Ceidigh

Pádraic O’Maille with Padraig Ó Ceidigh

Pádraic continues to mentor some of the worlds leading business people, sports people and politicians. He gently keeps his clients focused on practicing a few simple disciplines daily and avoiding a few simple neglects daily. The results are real. Please click here to schedule a free discussion to elicit the enormous potential value of being mentored by Pádraic.

Pádraic is a Past President of Junior Chamber Galway and a Senator of Jaycees International. He is a Past Chairperson of the Galway International Oyster Festival which attracts millions to Galway and Ireland each year. He presided as President of the past students of Cistercian College in 2017 and succeeded in helping keep the school open with a disciplined approach to strategic planning, fundraising and morale boosting.

He lives in the west of Ireland where his disciplines are surfing, fishing, boating, speaking Irish and Galway hurling.