We help individuals and organisations realise more of their potential in different ways.

  1. Inspirational Keynote Speeches.
    Pádraic’s career as a change agent was a direct result of the impact of inspirational keynote speakers on him. Over the years he has worked with, studied and been influenced by the following speakers. Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey, Richard Bandler, Brian Tracy and Pádraig Ó Céidigh. His own style is content rich and very uplifting and inspirational. His speeches are perfect for include:

    • ‘3 Massive Mistakes Business Owners Make that Keep them Working Long Hours and Struggling to Make Money.’
    • ‘Your Smácht Cara. How to Discipline Yourself for Peak Performance.’
    • ‘Innovate or Stagnate.’
    • ‘Rocking Horse Sh*t. The Ultimate Problem Solving Formula.’
    • ‘Pig Headed Discipline. The Ultimate Time Management Programme.’
    • ‘The Anatomy of a Sale. How to Become a Professional Salesperson With Top 20% Results.’
    • ‘Train Your Brain for a Change.’

    These topics can be presented as a snappy keynote or alternatively
    as a half day seminar.

  2. Smácht Mastermind Groups.
    In 1995 Padraic trained 20 Teagasc Agricultural Advisors to facilitate
    Discussion Groups for farmers. 20 years later, there are 700 groups
    in Ireland with 15000 members. The results are formidable. Four years
    ago Pádraic formed his first Smácht Mastermind group for Business
    Owners. Once again, the results have been outstanding. That group
    continue to meet and thrive and another ten groups have successfully
    set up. In 2016 Pádraic intends facilitating one Smácht Group for
    Business Owners intent on creating a business that makes money.
    He also intends facilitating a group for people in transition called
    ‘The Third Act.’ Please contact him now at to discuss
  3. Events.
    Smácht Mór is our National Conference where we assemble the best
    speakers in the country to inspire on personal and organisational
    change. To reserve a seat please contact Annie at
  4. Organisational Change Management.
    Pádraic is an outstanding group facilitator who understands and
    applies traditional and modern techniques to drive change. Please
    contact him on
  5. The Smácht Academy.
    Learn how to double your productivity in as little as 30 days with the
    online programme.’Pig Headed Discipline.’

    Watch out for other exciting online programmes being developed in

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