In 1988 Pádraic heard a speaker called Jack Donohue address a business conference in Quebec.

Donohue was provocative, had really meaty and practical content and he was a cracking storyteller. His performance and style so profoundly impacted Pádraic that he instantly made a career decision to leave his family business and embark on a career of speaking and writing and mentoring.

Pádraic’s keynote speeches also deliver game changing content that inspire and motivate and educate.

Pádraic’s keynote speeches give ambitious leaders the disciplines to build profitable, productive and peaceful organisations.

When your leaders make discipline in key result areas a habit and a routine, they increase focus, resilience and impact.

90% of listeners at Pádraic’s speeches claim to have been inspired to take action.

The following are Pádraic’s most popular speeches.

1. The Discipline of Success. 52 Disciplines to Increase Your Profits; Build a Winning Team; and Achieve Your Worthy Ideals.

2. Fully Charged. How to Create a Winning Attitude Irrespective of the Circumstances.

3. The Anatomy of a Sale. How to Become a Professional Salesperson and Become a Business Magnet.

4. Boomerang Business. How to Attract and Retain Great Customers and Staff.

5. Ultimate Influence. How to Achieve Win Win Outcomes in Business, in Life and in Love.


‘Pádraic ranks unquestionably as one of the best motivational speakers ever to have worked with Acorn Life. He has an uncanny ability to get inside people’s heads and change their thinking for the better both on a one-to-one and group basis.’

Keith Butler. Sales Director. Acorn Life.

‘Pádraic is a fantastic speaker. He spoke at the Mid-West Entrepreneurship Seminar in Limerick’s LIT and thoroughly energised the crowd. He’s great to work with brimming with infectious enthusiasm and positive energy.’

Gerard Hartnett. MongoDB Area VP of Engineering.

‘I have attended several of Pádraic’s speeches on a variety of topics. All I can say is that you’ll leave with the biggest boost to your selling and customer service skills that is humanely possible.’

Niall Cunningham. Owner. Auto-Point.

‘Tá sé i gconaí spreagúil, cruinn agus lán le fuinneamh agus b’iontach é an duine chun daoine agus gnó a bhrú ar aghaidh.’

Maeve Joyce. Enterprise Executive. Údarás na Gaeltachta.

‘Letterkenny hasn’t been as awake at 7am since the Fair Day in 1966. Pádraic rocked the audience with incisive content, uplifting energy and memorable stories.’

Michael MacGinty. MeanIT Web Partners.

‘Pádraic is one of the most practical speakers on the circuit which is the reason we continue to use him for over 25 years. He has the ability to make the complex simple, the mundane interesting and the forgettable memorable.’

Pat McDonagh. MD and Founder Supermacs.

‘He knew very little about hurling but he didn’t need to. He knew so much
about bringing the best out in people. A wonderful speaker to get high
performing athletes match ready, mentally prepared and in the zone.’

Noel Lane, former Galway Hurling Manager

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