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SMÁCHT Business Mastermind

How Smácht Helped Hundreds of

Business Owners Survive and Thrive

During the Last Recession.

Join a business mastermind of fired-up people who will motivate you to take action and hold you accountable for results.

What We Do


at just how many business owners struggle to make a profit, fail to perform to their potential and are utterly overwhelmed with stress.

That’s why we created SMÁCHT. To bring adynamic group of entrepreneurs and mentors together to solve problems, to refine opportunities and to collectively become accountable for results.


During the recent recession, 300 business owners attended SMÁCHT and not only are 90% of them still surviving, many of them are thriving.

Circumstances have changed since the days of the recession however and with ‘different levels, come different devils’. SMÁCHT is a dynamic new mastermind alliance which challenges you to exhalted levels of profit, performance & peace of mind.



‘SMÁCHT is the Irish word for discipline and our belief is that discipline is the ultimate leadership mindset. Unfortunately as humans, we have limited resources of discipline and willpower and tend to quickly lose focus of our goals and priorities. The secret to sustained and enduring focus is to create a few simple business routines that are practiced daily.


Napoleon Hill, in his study of high performing entrepreneurs, discovered that participating in a mastermind group provides two invaluable benefits, one which is economic, the other psychic. The economic benefits are obvious – shared ideas, information and contacts. The psychic component refers to that magic that occurs when two or more minds come together in a spirit of harmony and help.


There are now 52 simple disciplines in the SMÁCHT methodology that provide a framework for achieving all your business goals quicker than you’ve ever believed possible. Learn state of the art techniques to create a business that makes profit without your full time involvement. Core to the SMÁCHT methodology is that which gets measured gets done. By committing to SMÁCHT 2.0 you commit to becoming accountable for your actions.


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‘Pádraic is one of the most practical speakers on the circuit which is the reason we continue to use him for over 25 years. He has the ability to make the complex simple, the mundane interesting and the forgettable memorable.’
Pat McDonagh

MD and Owner, Supermacs

‘I have attended several of Pádraic’s speeches on a variety of topics.

All I can say is that you’ll leave with the biggest boost to your selling and customer service skills that is humanely possible.’

Niall Cunningham

Director, Cunningham Auto Point


‘Be warned – Pádraic O’Maille will test your resolve to be better, to be successful or be bigger. He has a knack of getting under your skin, peeling away the layers, the excuses and the distractions.’

Michael MacGinty

Director, MEANit Web Design Agency