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Think Clearly
Take Action
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Ó Máille

Mastermind Groups for
People Who are Fed Up
Procrastinating and Want
to Make an Impact.

‘It’s never too late to become the person you might have been.’
—George Eliot.

Smácht is a dynamic community of extraordinary people who motivate each other to achieve extraordinary goals. Discover the impact of clarifying a big goal; committing to a plan of action; and being accountable to a tribe of like minded peers who have your back with tough love.


Does this sound like you?

You are powerful.
You are passionate.
You are actually extraordinary.
You have already achieved many
extraordinary goals.
You sometimes doubt this though, so
You procrastinate.
You put off taking action on important goals.
You know deep down however, that
You are capable of more. Much more.

If so, you’re in the right place because being extraordinary doesn’t have to happen by accident. It can be intentional.

‘Growth just doesn’t happen. We have to be intentional about it.’
—John Maxwell


The Smácht Guy

Who is Pádraic Ó Máille?
What the heck is Smácht?
Why is it so critical to achieve your goals?

Here’s the
‘Official’ Bio


Pádraic Ó Máille runs mastermind groups for extraordinary people committed to achieving extraordinary goals.

Smácht has helped county footballers and hurlers win All Irelands, rugby players become internationals, extreme athletes row the Atlantic single-handed, political candidates contest presidential elections, entrepreneurs win the Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Mostly however, it’s helped hundreds of business owners to successfully grow, as businesses and people.

Pádraic is one of Irelands freshest speakers and writers on business and motivational issues. A former All Ireland winning debater and public speaker, his speeches are motivational, stimulating and inspirational. His books ‘The Midas Power,’ ‘Rocking Horse Sh*t,’ and ‘The 3-Day Weekend’ have inspired thousands of people to stop procrastinating and take action.

A B.Comm graduate from UCG, he is a qualified and skilled group facilitator who can harness the power within groups and activate extraordinary performance within members.

He is a past president of Junior Chamber Galway, a former chairman of the famous Galway International Oyster Festival and a past president of Cistercian College, Roscrea Past Pupils Union.

Here’s the
‘Real’ Bio

Pádraic O'Maille Real Bio

My name is Pádraic Ó Máille. I started out in the ‘C’ class in school.

Later I copped out of studying medicine because I was too lazy and immature to repeat one exam. I’ve struggled financially. I’ve overcome one life threatening experience which one medical consultant described as being as ‘rare as rocking horse sh*t.

I’ve also successfully inspired hundreds of people who started out with little or no education; gave up on their goals along the way; survived and thrived through multiple bankruptcies; overcame life threatening illnesses; and are now living truly extraordinary lives.

The basis of my success is a simple universal secret that Napoleon Hill referred to in the iconic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ as the ‘Mastermind.’ He discovered that when one or two minds collude together in the pursuit of a major definite goal, there are both economic and psychic forces that expedite the achievement of that goal. I have simply tapped into that ‘master-mind’ and put a structure on working in one. It’s called ‘Smácht.’

I live with my family in the Burren, on the shores of Galway Bay, where I get to swim in the wild Atlantic most days of the year.


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