Reilly bumped into a guy he hadn’t met since college at the Christmas market.

‘Time has certainly been kind to you,’ said Reilly, observing that little had changed about the man in forty years.

‘You should have seen me thirty years ago. They didn’t expect me to survive the Christmas. But then I got sober and that’s made all the difference.

Reilly was intrigued and fascinated to learn how he turned his life around but unfortunately the man’s family arrived just then and the opportunity was lost.

‘Reilly if you’re ever out Chicago way give me a holler and I’ll tell you the full story, kit and caboodle. In the meantime, here’s the executive summary.’

Reilly pocketed the business card and repaired purposefully towards   Seanie Neachtains pub.

Inside, away from the wind and the rain and the frenetic slews of Christmas shoppers, Reilly inspected the card.

On one side was the man’s contact details.

Reilly was shocked to see he was the Managing Partner of one of the worlds most prestigious PR firms.

On the flip side were Reinhold Niebuhrs words immortalised by alcoholics the world over as being instrumental in helping them transform their lives.

Reilly absorbed them with fresh eyes.

It occurred to him that they could just as effectively be used by business people the world over to transform their businesses.

What a manifesto for 2024!

‘God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time.’


  • Accept people, events and circumstances as they occur. This may mean accepting things as they are, not as you wish they were. And most of all, that means accepting yourself – exactly as you are.
  • Develop the deep and ballsy courage required to make substantive change in your business this year.
  • Make an ‘executive summary’ of your manifesto for 2024. Consider using ‘serenity,’ ‘acceptance,’ change,’ ‘courage,’ ‘wisdom’ and ‘presence’ as six of your driving and guiding words. 
  • Live this day and this day alone. You can do things for a day that would overwhelm you if you thought you had to do them for a lifetime.
  • And although the ‘God’ word induces the most polarised reactions in Reillys talks and with his readers, most of us acknowledge the existence of a ‘Higher Power.’ Invoke your Higher Power in 2024. 
  • Reilly didn’t pick it up from either the Jesuits or the Cistercians but he is familiar with a form of prayer used by some highly successful business people. It’s called ‘TIA’ and is an acronym for ‘Thanks In Advance.’ Simply thank your Higher Power in advance for whatever you want. This is a great exercise for today or tomorrow and then put it in a drawer and review it next year. 


‘My recovery is the single greatest accomplishment of my life.’

—Jamie Lee Curtis


  1. What people, things and circumstances will you accept exactly as they are?
  2. What transformative changes and differences will you make in 2024?
  3. When will you stop living in the past and the future and live today only?
  4. What is your 2024 manifesto? Executive summaries will suffice.
  5. What’s in your TIA?

2024 WISHES.

‘The Life O’Reilly’ set out to provide a blast of motivation during what was thought to be a month of Covid. Now, three years later it continues, like a leaky tap, to pour forth. Thank you for continuing to read it and comment on it  during the year. Reilly wishes you a peaceful, proactive and profitable 2024.


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