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 Pádraic Ó Maille


Have you ever woken up in the dead of night worrying about some aspect of your business and yearning for the comfort of your very own wise board of directors?


Developing and scaling your profitable business can by its very nature be a lonely, confusing and at times, scary place to be. At times it feels like you’re the only person in the world with these challenges.


That’s why we created The SMÁCHT Mastermind Alliance for Entrepreneurs. To provide a sanctuary for entrepreneurs to.


* Meet and get fired up by other ambitious, smart and progressive entrepreneurs who have faced and solved every conceivable problem you face.


* Clarify their purpose and message so people – customers, employees and family – listen and understand you.


* Become, and remain, accountable for a small number of key priorities in your business and life.


* Learn proven and up to date strategies and techniques to be best in class.


* Get perspective, depth and breadth on their vision.


* To get 360 degree feedback on your performance by your peers.


My Master Mind Story.


I first heard of the notion of a mastermind alliance from Napoleon Hill who concluded that ‘no individual may have great power without availing themself of the ‘Master Mind.’


I stumbled across the power of a mastermind in the scary years of the last great econonic recession. 300 of my clients valiantly and victoriously survived the recession through participation in a dynamic and proactive mastermind called SMÁCHT. I have now upgraded the mastermind with fresh and modern material to equip the driven entrepreneur to build a business of significance as opposed to just surviving.


For an informal chat please connect with me by phone at 00 353 87 2647817 or email at


As Tim Saunders so memorably quipped. ‘Someday your network will equal your net worth.’ Make sure you get around a powerful network.



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