Beware Surprises

The-Veg-Box-Beware-SurprisesOn his way home from a hard days work on Friday, Reilly stopped off at Annie Nolans Veg Box in Finavarra to pick up the weekly veggies.

He ended up getting more than he bargained for. Annie’s the ultimate salesperson and proceeded to assemble a bouquet of fresh flowers before his very eyes.

‘There are some red roses for the heart. Some tiger lilies for the mind. Some lily-of-the-valley for the body. And of course some wild lavender for the passion.’

‘You’ll surely surprise Wifey with this bunch!

He didn’t give it a second thought.

In fact the surprise present made him feel that good about himself that he decided to forego his weekly couple of scoops in the pub and headed straight for home.

‘Surprise,’ he beckoned to Wifey as he positioned the bouquet on the table centrepiece.

And it certainly was.

She went for him head on.

‘I’ve had the day from Hell. First, I ran out of petrol on the way to school and was half an hour late getting there. When I got there the kids were like bags of cats all day long. And then, when I came home I dropped my mothers porcelain bowl and it’s in smithereens on the kitchen floor.’

‘And now, on top of all that, you come home drunk.’


• Beware surprises in business and life.
• Although ofttimes well intentioned, as a general rule, your customers don’t like them. Your staff don’t like them. Even your nearest and dearest don’t always like them.
• Beware of acting on impulse. For sure, on any given day, you can emerge smelling of roses, but all too often, your impulsive actions backfire and end up getting you in trouble.
• It sounds boring and oh so conservatively prudent, but a policy of ‘no surprises’ towards all and sundry, makes for sound business and life sense.

‘’An rud is annamh is iontach.’
(Ancient Irish seanfhocal meaning ‘what’s rare is wonderful.’ Seemingly the Celtic wise ones don’t agree with Reilly on this!)


1. What areas in business and life are you acting on impulse rather than doing due diligence?


Wednesday, April 26.

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