‘Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a feisty girl,’ confessed Reilly peevishly.

‘Is that you Reilly,’ asked the priest knowingly.

‘Yes Father, I regret to say it’s me.’

‘And who was this girl you were with?

‘I can’t tell you that Father. I don’t want to damage her reputation.’

‘Well Reilly, I’m sure to find her name out sooner or later so you may as well tell me. 

‘By any chance, was it Sarah Kelly?

‘I can’t tell you that Father.’

‘Was it Fiona Larkin?

‘I’m sorry but I will not name her.’

‘Was it Therese Allen?

‘I will not say.’

‘Well, was it Regina Power then?

‘My lips are sealed.’

Reilly heard the priest heave a deep sigh of frustration.

‘Reilly, I must say that you have your principles and for that I admire you. But in the eyes of the church you have sinned, and for that you must atone. You are summarily precluded from all altar boy activities for the next three months.’

Reilly sidled back to his pew where Flaherty was eagerly awaiting news on his penance.

‘What d’ya get Reilly? 

‘Three months holidays and four hot leads.’


  • Always remember that you’re only ever one conversation away from a life changing experience but that’s not likely to happen behind a computer screen.’ 
  • The gold prospectors of old knew that there was ‘gold in them there hills.’ That’s where the phrase ‘sales prospecting’ derived from. 
  • Prospecting is the fuel that drives sales. Great salespeople are constantly searching for hot prospects and leads.
  • Ensure that your pipeline is always awash with quality prospects.
  • Schedule time for holidays now. It’s the time when you reinvent and recreate and rejuvenate.


‘If you concentrate on the activities of prospecting, presenting and following up, the sales will look after themselves.’
—Brian Tracy.


  1. How many quality prospects have you in your pipeline?
  2. How many quality prospects did you tell your story to last week?
  3. How many quality prospects will you tell your story to this week?


On his way home from his swim on the Flaggy Shore this morning Reilly met a beautiful man with tears the size of Galway Bay spilling from his eyes.

‘My wife passed on three weeks ago today Reilly and today is my first day back swimming.’

‘I’m back because of my wife’s example. For seventeen years, no matter how low she was feeling, her mantra to deal with adversity was…

‘Get up. Dress up. Show up. Never give up.

What a message for us all this Easter morning.

‘Get up. Dress up. Show up. Never give up.’

Leaba i measc na Naomh agus na hAingeal agat.

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