Joey the Clown - Speaker | Mentor | Pádraic O'Maille | The Disciplines of Successs | Ireland

A man visited his Doctor complaining of feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and at the end of his tether.

‘I’ve just the cure for you’ replied the Doctor, a caring, competent and compassionate man.

‘I prescribe you spend one full hour in the company of Joey the Clown at the circus down in the Swamp. 

‘It’ll take your mind off your troubles, make you laugh like a baby, and you’ll leave feeling uplifted, energised and with a renewed pep in your step.

‘You wouldn’t believe the number of my patients who swear by the healing properties of Joey the Clown. 

‘In fact, I don’t mind admitting, I attend him myself at every chance I can. I wouldn’t be saying this to any of my medical fraternity, but he’s the best damned ‘Shrink’ in town.

‘But hurry now. The matinee begins in half an hour.’

‘I am Joey the Clown,’ replied the patient.


  • Even the life and soul of the party can sometimes get down.
  • Put your own oxygen mask on first. You can’t expect to save anyone else if you yourself are overwhelmed.
  • What our Mothers said still obtains. ‘A problem shared is a problem solved.’ You need an escape valve to release your cares when overcome. Find a good listener. They should be an integral part of any leaders team.
  • It’s ok to feel stressed occasionally. It’s your systems way of telling you there’s something amiss. The important thing is to listen carefully to what it’s telling you. In order to do this get out into nature and let its infinite healing settle your mind and restore your  tranquility.
  • Most of all, find someone who makes you laugh like a child, like Joey the Clown.


‘There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper.’

—James Carroll.

‘Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organise everything around it.’

— Brian Tracy.

‘When I get STRESSED I just write the word down and it instantly reminds me of the opportunity that awaits if I just observe. Ya see, STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS. In psychological parlance, that means there’s a piece of cake of an opportunity lurking somewhere near if ya just shut up and listen.’

— Reilly. N


  1. How are you feeling now? It’s helpful to check in with your feelings non-judgementally and just observe. 
  2. What are your strategies when you get overwhelmed?
  3. Who can you confide in, who’ll just listen without judging?