Just Checking.

It never ceases to amaze Reilly how the younger generation cannot recall life without a mobile phone. Reilly is of a vintage that can recall vividly the lengths people had to go to make a simple phone call.

He remembers well working in his mothers shop when a fourteen-year old neighbour called Billy came in and says to Reilly.

‘Reilly, do you mind if I use the phone to make a quick call?

Reilly knew Billy and his family and he knew that although they’d been through hard times they were the salt of the earth.

‘Sure thing Billy. Who’s the lucky girl then?

‘Oh this is strictly business Reilly’ as he picked up the phone and dialled.

Reilly wasn’t listening per se but he couldn’t help overhearing the conversation.

‘Good morning. I just passed your house there and I couldn’t help noticing your wonderful lawn and garden. It really is a credit to you. 

‘I wanted to tell you that I cut lawns to make some extra pocket money and I’m very neat at them. I also clip hedges. And I was wondering if …..’

Billy seemed to pause for an eternity before continuing.

‘I see. I understand. And tell me, are you satisfied with the work they are doing? 

Another long pause.

‘That’s fair enough. Well, would you mind if I called back again in a month or so? I can. Thank you very much. And once again, well done on maintaining such a lovely garden.’

And he hung up and replaced the receiver on the phone.

Reilly loved nothing more than a trier and was quick to intervene.

‘Billy, forgive me, but I happened to be standing near and I heard everything you said. I just want you to know that I’m a sales pro myself and everything you did on that phone was text book.

‘I want you to promise me you won’t be disappointed because you didn’t get that sale. 

‘Oh Reilly, I got the sale all right. That was one of my customers. I was just checking up to see how I’m doing.’


  • Never, ever be afraid to check in with your customers and ask them how you’re doing.
  • Begin today.


  1. Who will you talk to about your business performance this week?


‘Concentrate on measuring performance and let the winning look after itself.’

—Clive Woodward.

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