Sharpen the Saw

Abraham-Lincoln-Sharpen-the-SawReillys Uncle Stiofáin never tired of telling ‘Young Bull Old Bull’ stories, most of which are unprintable in this column for refined readers.

One that is however, is the tale of the two bulls entering a forest of massive trees.

Let’s see who can cut the most trees by 6 o clock this evening,’ says the young bull enthusiastically.

The old bull accented and the two bulls set to the task.

The young bulls superior fitness and youth kicked in and by lunchtime he’d taken a decisive lead in the competition.

Although well behind, and much to the young bulls amusement, the old bull insisted on taking a break at 1pm for his lunch. This he followed with a snooze. And when he awoke from his slumber he proceeded to sharpen his saw with great care.

When he suggested to the young bull that he might do likewise the young bull replied by saying. ‘My goal is to win the competition. I’ve no time to be wasting on resting and sharpening.’

With his energy levels replenished and a much sharper blade the old bull quickly began to make up ground on the young bull. By 6pm he had significantly out-cut and out-thought his younger and fitter bovine buddy.


• The greatest enemies of productivity and satisfaction in life are illness, injury, depression, lethargy, and burnout. That means the greatest asset you have in life is you – which includes your energy levels, working and earning capacity, competences and motivation.
• Taking care of your greatest asset – you, namely by preserving and enhancing your own agency, is the main philosophy underpinning the motto ‘Sharpen the Saw’.
• Although sometimes counterintuitive take time to both rest and sharpen your saw. Stephen Covey, who popularised the ‘Sharpen the Saw’ mantra said that ‘you can never be so busy driving that you can’t stop to put gas in the car when it’s empty.’
• In business, not all times of the year are of equal value. Starting and finishing strongly are hugely important. Before and after Christmas are two hugely important times to take a break and sharpen the saw.
• Thats why we created ‘The One Page Strategic Growth Plan Programme.’ To help you complete the year strongly and to begin 2023 focused, energised and motivated. In three snappy masterclasses, combined with 1-to1 mentoring, Pádraic Ó Máille will help you sharpen your strategy saw, your marketing saw and your attitude saw.
• To learn more please go to and make a decision to start 2023 on the right foot.
• As Tony Robbins would say ‘it’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.’

Give me six hours to fell a tree and I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.’ —Abraham Lincoln
‘We must never be too busy to take time to sharpen the saw.’ —Stephen Covey
Stop and take time to sharpen the saw – the saw being you – yes, you are the most important tool in your toolbox.’ —Maureen Hewitt.

1. Are you too busy driving to put fuel in the car?
2. Have you a one page strategic plan for 2023?
3. Have you a one page marketing plan for 2023?
4. Have you a one page attitude plan for 2023?

If not, go to now and sign up to sharpen your saw. There are only 4 places left.

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