Sh*t Happens

Shit-happens-blog-postReilly attended for his Christmas haircut in Gort yesterday. The thing about haircuts with Mattie is that they’re a lot more than just a haircut. They’re experiences of deep and profound and transformative learning.

This year already Reilly and Mattie have discussed and debated a wide and varied canon of ‘ism’s’ from atheism to feminism to communism.

And their final conclusion after much reflection is very simply that ‘Sh*t Happens.’ Mattie has posted a copy of their thesis on the window in ‘Timeless Barbers’.

Read all about it here. But mostly, have a good laugh at it, and Happy Christmas to you all.

Atheism: ‘I don’t believe this sh*t.’

Buddhism: ‘Sh*t will happen to you again.’

Capitalism: ‘This is all my sh*t.’

Communism: ‘Let’s share the sh*t.’

Catholicism: ‘If sh*t happens you deserve it.’

Confusciusism: ‘Confucius say, ‘Sh*t Happens.’

Conspiracy Theorism: ‘They sh*t on us.’

Cynicism: ‘We’re all full of sh*t.’

Darwinism: ‘Survival of the sh*ttiest.’

Descartes: ‘I sh*t, therefore I am.’

Einstein: ‘Sh*t is relative.’

Environmentalism. ‘Sh*t is biodegradable.’

Existentialism: ‘What is sh*t anyway?’

Family Gathering: ‘Relatives are sh*t’.

Fatalism: ‘Ah sh*t, it’s going to happen.’

Feminism: ‘Men are sh*t.’

Hedonism: ‘I just love it when sh*t happens.’

Lawyer: ‘For enough money I can get you out of sh*t.’

Materialism: ‘Whosoever dies with the most sh*t wins.’

Mouse: ‘Oh sh*t, a cat.’

Mormonism: ‘Excrement happens.’

Mysticism: ‘This is really weird sh*t.’

Optimism: ‘Sh*t won’t happen to me.’

Rastafarianism: ‘Let’s smoke this sh*t.’

Tantra-ism: ‘Screw this sh*t.’

Trek-ism:‘To boldly sh*t where none has before.’

Statistician: ‘Sh*t is 84.7% likely to happen.’

Surrealism: ‘Fish happens.’

Televangelism: ‘Send money or sh*t will happen.’

Vegetarianism: ‘If it sh*ts don’t eat it.’


* It doesn’t matter what your persuasion is ‘Sh*t Happens.’ The trick is to acknowledge it, accept it and deal with it.


Sh*t happens, has happened and will continue to happen. But you (the reactor to the sh*t) get to decide what it means and what impact it will have in your world because sh*t doesn’t determine you, you determine sh*t.’
—Craig Harper


1. What sh*t are you going to stop putting up with in 2023?

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Happy Christmas to all our readers.

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