Tasty and Tempting Takeaways to Turbocharge Your Business from Yesterday’s All Ireland Summit in Croke Park.
By Pádraic Ó Máille. MC for the Event & CEO SMÁCHT. get.smacht.com

Nothing trumps a live show.

No CD of a concert or live TV coverage of a game will ever replicate the atmosphere and electricity and sheer impact of the real thing.

Yesterday I got to tog out and play live in one of the greatest stadia or theatres in the world. Croke Park.

I got to MC a live event featuring some wonderful speakers. The following are the link points I used to summarise the key messages of the speakers.

Dr. Colby Jubenville.

Colby used just one slide for the duration of his speech and if you could but replicate the wisdom therein this article would be worth a fortune to you.


There you have the handful of essential qualities necessary to achieve any outcome in life.

* Clear Outcomes.
* Meaningful Conversations.
* Great Attitude.
* Aligned Strategy.
* Execution.

I can’t wait to read Colbys book ‘Stand Out like a Zebra and Be as Agile as a Cheetah.’ I think both of these animal metaphors are wonderful.

Owen O’Malley.

I’ve heard Owen speak hundreds of times and I love his messages on success and “financial freedom.’ Here were his seven tips for success:

1. Know where you are at, know where you want to get to and decide you are going to do it.
2. 100% focus and determination to succeed
3. Learn and Copy from the best in your field
4. Build Teams using iMAprinciples
5. Use online technology to leverage yourself
6. Create & communicate your value add chain
7. Have fun and enjoy the globe while you do it

Neil Pakey.

Neil has the sort of CV to die for. As CEO of Liverpool John Lennon Airport he increased traffic from 800,000 passengers to 5.5 million over eight years. Latterly, as CEO of Shannon Group Plc, he has been responsible for increasing traffic in Shannon Airport by 25% in the past three years.

Neil’s philosophy is very simple. Branding is critical and his decision to rename Liverpool Airport incorporating one of its favourite sons, John Lennon, was game changing. After that you revert to good old fashioned basics. You agree a vision and you communicate it ad nauseum.

Barry Dowling.

The audience fell in love with Barry when they discovered his mission in life is to take on the banks and win! Transfermate, one of the world’s fastest growing payment specialists, now have 15000 clients worldwide and are doing exactly that.

Two things stood out for me about Barry. Firstly, he has infectious enthusiasm. Secondly, and it’s a small thing. He had Transfermate festooned in readable print over the back of his shirt. What better or more visual branding!

Mairead Mulhearn.

Colby talked about ways of standing out and creating uniqueness. One of the ways we distinguish ourselves is by our accents. Coming from Gortahork in Co. Donegal, Máiréad Mulhearn, Founder of Irish TV is at an immediate advantage. Her accent immediately grabbed the audiences attention. It was her story that captivated them.

She described a scenario very candidly where her husband, Pierce, went to England with a big idea and €32. That night, in a pub in Camden Town, he pitched his idea to 20 people. Every one of them bought into it but one wanted all the action.

The rest is history. The business has gone from strength to strength and just signed a deal with Freesat yesterday.

As I listened to her story I couldn’t help but reflect on the similarities between it and that of Frank Bettger, the greatest insurance salesperson ever. He believed that success in business boiled down to one thing. ‘…………Seeing the people. Show me any person of ordinary ability who will enthusiastically tell their story to five people a day and I’ll show you a successful person.’

Quad erat demonstrandit:

Get out to a pub this evening and tell your story.

Linda and Dan Kiely. Voxpro.

I had met Dan at a photo shoot a week ago and I got an insight into the charisma of the man. I observed him come in to a room where TV interviews were taking place and he instantly exuded a presence. He was interested, interesting and inspiring – in that order.

What really impressed me about him and Linda was the way they had built a business around their relationship. Similar to Mairead and Pierce, they are very much a team and they are committed utterly to their business.

Dan spoke about the need for courage and resiliency and a refusal to believe in failure. He shared with us that twice they had come within 48 hours of having to close their business, but that on both occasions, they had refused to entertain failure.

Most significantly he proclaimed unequivocally that

‘We are the best in the world at what we do.’

Reflect on that statement. Imagine the impact it would have on your business if you did that too.

Pete Smith.

Pete is one of Americas most influential personal and professional development professionals and it shows.

The big takeaway I took from his presentation was one word.


I can recall working with SMÁCHT clients during the recession and the objective for most of us was SURVIVAL.

And we did. And we refocused then to aim for another ‘S’ word – SUCCESS.

I believe Pete is on the money when he says that there is a higher ideal than success – its significance. Significance is the ultimate driver.

Therefore, make your mantra.

‘From survival to success to significance.’

Paul O’Mahoney.

You get one in every line up.

The fella who goes ten minutes overtime and you know you have to stop him even though you don’t want to.

My son Oige gave me massive grief after the conference for ‘cajoling’ Paul off stage. Oige, a computer and business student in Trinity, was bowled over by Pauls ‘content.’

I was fascinated by his story. Six years ago, he had the ultimate career job with one of the finest multinationals in the world and living in one of the hottest cities (Galway) in the world. After one conference, a live show that he reluctantly attended, he rang his boss and resigned his job.

Since then, he has earned in excess of €15 million online and has befriended and performed with some of the hottest performers on the planet. He is bringing one of those, John Demartini, to Dublin on May 3rd, and Paul reassures me that John is the cats pyjamas. It’s still possible to get early bird tickets today on eventbrite.

Kathryn Thomas.

Kathryn has been a household face and presence in our homes for over ten years on a variety of TV programmes. What was really interesting about her presentation was the internal struggle that she was able to identify, and solve.

She described that she has the ultimate career which she loves passionately. Her father however, always described her as ‘restless.’ And she agrees with him. She had for some time a passion to combine a career with her own business.

‘Pure Results’ is the result. It was inspired by the health and fitness benefits she noticed happening as she produced and presented a variety of programmes on TV on these issues.

She gave one interesting consideration from the world of TV. She shared that TV crews are renowned for their teamwork. She believes she has brought that sense of team to Pure Results.

Jim O’Toole.

In my home province of Connacht there’s only one show in town at the moment and that’s Connacht Rugby. There is no doubt but the success of a local team has a massive impact on the community.

Jim O’Toole, CEO of Worcester Warriors rugby club, gave a fascinating account of what happens behind the scenes of a rugby club.

He talked about the importance of market segmentation and the different needs that each segment have. He warned about the folly of making assumptions about these needs without thoroughly checking them out. One example of such an error was to assume that all over 65s wanted discounted prices. Many in this segment actually wanted more expensive offerings.

He also cautioned about how cynical and critical the public can be and that you are never, ever going to please all sectors.

Lesley Ronaldson.

Lesley is an evangelist and senior executive with LinkedIn. Her passion for connecting buyers to sellers was so palpable.

Ultimately she was espousing the power of networking and that LinkedIn is the world’s biggest business network. I heard many participants say that they generate huge business as a result of using LinkedIn. Please connect with her on LinkedIn.

Networking Sessions:

The day was bookended by two superb networking sessions.

Kingsley Aikens is quite simply the go too guy on the theory
of networking in Ireland. He gave example after example of the existence and imminence of change. One example that struck me forceably was the comparison between two photos of Detroit over a 25 year period. 25 years ago it was one of the major industrial centres of the world. Today’s photo showed an eerily quite central railway station.

The implication is that change happens and we need to network to stay abreast of it. He acknowledged that networking can have a somewhat sleazy reputation but this shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to do it. He suggested that it’s the little things that can make a difference.

The day concluded with a speed networking event facilitated by Sean Dwan. This enabled participants to meet up to twelve different contacts over a period of an hour. As we so often say ‘someday your network will equal your net worth.’

Pádraic Ó Máille.

After the event yesterday I did an interview for a podcast for the Irish Independent. The journalist asked me to give him a one line metaphor for my business SMÁCHT.

Without thinking about it I said.

‘SMÁCHT is Weight Watchers for Business People.’

He asked me to elaborate.

I explained to him that in the early 1960s, a lady called Jean Nidetch became concerned about losing weight (ATTITUDE). In an effort to motivate herself she invited some like minded friends around to her house to discuss how to do this (STRATEGY). They acquired certain information regarding weigh loss (EDUCATION). Critically, they agreed to weigh themselves weekly in front of each other (ACCOUNTABILITY).

The results were massive (no pun intended). People all over the world achieved their goal of losing weight with a simple process.

SMÁCHT is the exact same process for business. It’s for people who have a burning desire to change, to become a better version of themselves. It’s achieved through facilitated groups of like minded people learning cutting edge business strategies and techniques. Ultimately, it’s about accounting for your progress with your SMÁCHT CARA weekly.

Over 300 people applied SMÁCHT to their business throughout the mayhem of the recession and almost every one of them are still in business with many of them thriving.

SMÁCHT are setting up a number of groups around Ireland in May. To explore how SMÁCHT could transform your business please go to get.smacht.com or contact me on p@maille.ie or sign up for my free blog at www.omaille.ie