The Microphone is Always On.

A loud guffaw of laughter greeted Reilly upon his entrance to Linnanes on Friday evening. 

‘When you’re chairing those meetings of yours in the future Reilly, be careful of the microphone,’ says Magann with a snigger.

This was followed by further hoots of laughter from the assembled group at the bar.

Reilly refused to engage knowing that in the fullness of time all would be revealed.

And so it came to pass that, midway down his second pint, and half way through the deaths column of the Connacht Tribune, Magann sidled up beside him at the bar and set up an iPad against his pint. He rummaged through the YouTube channel until he discovered what he wanted and then instructed Reilly to pay strict attention.

The scene could for all the world have been a council meeting in City Hall in Galway where Reilly had facilitated more than his share of meetings over the years. 

Except on this occasion, it was a council meeting in the equivalent of City Hall in Georgetown, Texas, USA.

The Mayor of Georgetown, Dale Ross, was chairing a meeting of the City Council when, like many a good man before him, he was summoned by a call of nature. 

As he departed for what the Americans call the restroom, the Deputy Mayor, a serious and taciturn girl called Rachael Jonrowe, took ownership of the meeting.

As she’s updating the assembled Council on matters of governance the Mayor is unaware that he continues to be wired up to the portable microphone attached to his tie. And that it’s still on. 

Over the public address there is the distinct and dulcet tones of the Mayor – first urinating; then flatulating; and finally flushing. 

Such indeed was the clarity of the reception that listeners on social media were later able to confirm that the Mayor neglected to wash his hands.

Readers who continue to question the veracity of Reillys stories can check this one out on YouTube


  • In life, as with the Mayor in the restroom in Georgetown, be aware that the microphone is always on.
  • Being in business is like being in a goldfish bowl. Everything you say and do is visible. Be vigilant as to how you show up and come across.
  • Decades ago, Dale Carnegie counselled to ‘Never say anything bad about anyone. Ever.’ What wonderful advice. Imagine that from now on you developed the discipline of never putting anyone down! Ever! Think of the value of that to your business and your peace of mind.
  • Before you speak ‘THINK.’ 

   T – is it True?

   H – is it Helpful?

   I  – is it Inspiring?

   N – is it Necessary?

   K – is it Kind?

  • Interestingly, another even more important conversation occurs every second of every minute of every hour of your life. The conversation with yourself. And for better or worse, the microphone to your subconscious mind is always on also. Whatever you say about yourself, to yourself, will manifest. 
  • Always remember that the most impactful stories you’ll ever tell about yourself are the stories you tell to yourself. Make sure they’re great.


‘If you accustom yourself to speak well of others you are always in paradise.’


’The most important story you’ll ever tell about yourself is the story you tell to yourself.’

—Jim Loehr


  1. What difference would never saying anything bad about anyone ever again make to your life?
  1. What difference would it make if you edited the habitual stories you tell to yourself?
  1. What powerful stories have you experienced this week?

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