Maybe it’s that Reilly lives in a bungalow and doesn’t have a lift.

Come to think of it, nobody in Newquay has a lift, even those with two stories or more.

In fact, the nearest lift to Reilly is probably The Galway Clinic, twenty miles away.

That may well explain his obsession with people using lifts on his recent visit to Vancouver.

He noticed it first in his sons 37 storey high apartment block.

People waiting in the lobby would repeatedly push the same button outside the lift in an effort to make it arrive quicker. 

The same applied in the hotel he stayed in. Many of those staying there were members of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) – the greatest life insurance sales people on the planet. 

They’d no sooner get into the lift and they’d start poking at the button inside the lift in the hope of getting it to move faster.

It came to a head in the famous Vancouver Conference Centre at 8-30 on the opening day of the annual MDRT convention.

The keynote speaker that day was the world renowned Gino Wickman, author of the bestselling business book ‘Traction,’ and founder of EOS – the single biggest business scaling franchise in the world. 

Reilly was patiently waiting for a lift from the basement to the second floor where 10,000 MDRT members were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Gino.

A portly American man bustled Reilly aside to lend his considerable weight to the small button Reilly had just pushed.

In a manner of speaking, he also pushed Reillys button.

‘It won’t make it arrive any faster,’ says Reilly.

‘What you talking about Sonny?

‘The lift. Repeatedly pushing the same button over and over again will not make the lift arrive faster.’

‘I don’t need a lift. I just want the elevator to get us to the Goddam second floor pronto. What makes you such a Goddam expert on elevators anyway?

As it transpired, Reilly knew a thing or two about ‘elevators.’ As a student he’d worked as a porter in the Regional Hospital and remembered quite vividly one night escorting a recently deceased corpse from Coronary care on the second floor to the morgue on the ground floor. In a futile effort to make the lift go faster he too had repeatedly pushed the button only to succeed in jamming the lift midway between the first and second floors for a good half hour before being released. 

He was about to elucidate on this valuable lesson to the rotund American but was minded of Joe Costellos advice to him as a young business executive attending his first important business meeting. 

‘Reilly, in attending important business meetings always remember that it’s preferable to keep your mouth shut and look like a fool, rather than to open it and confirm it.’ 

Reilly couldn’t count the number of times that advice had served him well over the years and was rewarded when a tall man, casually attired with a moustache said to his colleague.

‘The Irish guy is right Harry. Pushing the button repeatedly won’t make the elevator arrive any quicker. Just know that you’ve done the right thing and trust the law of the universe that the elevator will arrive in its own good time.,

As if by magic the lift duly arrived and the next time Reilly saw the tall man was when the President of MDRT welcomed the ‘incomparable Gino Wickman’ onto the stage.

And boy, was that presentation worth waiting in a lift for. As Dennis Kelly, a serial MDRT attendee, reminded Reilly. ‘If MDRT don’t light your fire, your wood is wet.’

It was that good that Reilly remained on in the auditorium to take further notes after the session to share with his Smácht Cara’s next week. 

So much so that he lost track of time and realised with a start that he was late to meet with Wifey and Oige and Ais. 

He lashed out the door, and down the escalator this time, and hared it across the Plaza to cross the busiest street intersection in all Vancouver. Unfortunately the man in the traffic light was red and Oige had warned Reilly that under no circumstances should he cross a street in Vancouver until the red man in the traffic light went green. 

In desperation he glued his finger to the traffic light button and willed that light to change.

‘It’s the same with traffic lights y’know. Repeatedly pushing the same button over and over again doesn’t make things happen quicker. You simply press the button and trust in the process.’

‘You’re right Gino. Mighty speech inside. You’re full of wisdom.’


  • You can’t force nature. So it is with life. Stop mindlessly pressing buttons in an attempt to force results.


Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.’

— Albert Einstein.


What actions, behaviours or habits are you mindlessly going through that are not making the lift arrive faster?


Reilly was knackered after a days shooting in the bog one day as a young lad and pleaded with his uncle Stiofáin.

‘Can we not take a short cut home?

‘There are no short cuts Reilly. But there is a path.’

So it is with life. There are no short cuts. But there is a path. And your purpose in life is to find that path; and follow it; and trust that it will bring you home.

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