The Second Discipline. The Discipline of Measurement.
Weigh Yourself Regularly.
A Blog by Pádraic Ó Máille. The SMÁCHT GUY.

The first great discipline of success is to get yourself a great Smácht Hairy Audacious Goal – S.H.A.G. for short. As Jim Rohn so aptly put it you may not be able ‘to change your destination over night but you can change your direction overnight.’ The discipline is twofold. One, you need to write down your SHAG as if it’s already happened. This activates your infinitely intelligent subconscious mind. Secondly, you need to programme it as often as possible into your mind but particularly last thing at night and first thing in the morning. The discipline of SHAGGING literally takes a couple of minutes each day out of the total 86,400 minutes available. What a massive return on your investment? Who wouldn’t want to do it? (97% of the population)

The second discipline of success is the discipline of measurement.

In her autobiography Jean Nidetch described herself as ‘an overweight woman, married to an overweight man, surrounded by overweight friends.’ Ever since childhood she had unsuccessfully tried diet after diet, all to no avail.

In an effort to resolve the issue once and for all, she attended the New York City Health Obesity Clinic where she was given a diet to follow. It worked to a degree but Jean still found herself cheating and scoffing stuff she shouldn’t. In total desperation, she invited six other overweight people to her house where she shared details of the diet. The group agreed to meet weekly and share successes and struggles. Critically, they also agreed to weigh each other in front of the group.

The results were staggering. Jean reached her weight goal in weeks and Weight Watchers was born and would go on to help millions lose weight. The Weight Watchers story has five wonderful secrets for successful goal setting.

One, get desperate. There are only ever two motivators in life. One is inspiration and the other is desperation. The latter is infinitely more potent.

Two, get some relevant information or education concerning your goal.

Three, get around a group of like minded desperate people.

Four, meet regularly to share your victories and failures.

Five, weigh or measure yourself publicly in front of the group.

In terms of measurements bear in mind that there are two distinct but connected types of measurement. The first is what we call in SMÁCHT an outcome measurement. This is a measure of what your goal or SHAG will be like when it’s completed. For arguments sake, if your goal was weight loss, you would commit to being a specific weight by a certain time.

The other measurement is what we call a driving measurement. This measures what you need to do to achieve your outcome goal. In weight parlance therefore this might mean that you walk vigorously for twenty minutes on alternate days or that you cut out sugar from your coffee completely.

Although in business circles we often get hung up and obsessed with outcome measurements, the driving measure is a far more accurate predictor of future success. When Frank Bettger, the legendary American Insurance salesperson proclaimed the formula for success was ‘show me any person of ordinary ability, who will earnestly tell their story to four or five people a day, and I’ll show you a successful person,’ he was talking about driving measurements.

In conclusion:

1. What is your S.H.A.G.?

2. What are the outcome and driving measurements that you will measure the success of your S.H.A.G. on?

3. How will you publicly measure yourself weekly?

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