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I can recall vividly this day – the First Monday
of the new year – two years ago.

I was driving to Cork to do a session for Acorn
Life. And if the truth be known, I was miserable.
I’d had a great Christmas break. I found it hard to
crank myself up for the new year. And the
weather conditions were appalling – icy roads
and driving snow.

And to compound things the radio, which droned
in the background, accentuated my every
sentiment. From all over the country people just
like me were texting in to say how much they
hated going back to work or school after the
break, and as they say ‘misery loves company.’

And then the DJ read out a text that shook me. It
read ‘For 23 years I’d have agreed with every one
of those morbid texts about going back to work.
The problem is I was let go from my job in
November and crazy and all as it sounds, I’d give
anything to have a job to get up to go to this

That’s the first reason to thank God for this
Monday, and every Monday – PURPOSE is great.
If you have a PURPOSE to get up for then you
have a lot to be thankful for. So find a PURPOSE
for 2014 and get going.

The second reason to thank God for Monday is
that ROUTINE is great. I know it sounds boring
but our entire being craves ROUTINE. Doctors
testify to a condition known as ‘Leisure sickness’
where many people get sick over the holiday
period. The reason is lack of ROUTINE.

And ROUTINES are what precede results. I
always quote Brian O’Driscoll who once told me
that he spent 90% of his time ‘kicking, passing
and tackling.’ Focus on those ROUTINES that
deliver you 90% of the results.

And if you wish to rob some ROUTINES from the
top performers try these three daily for 2014 and
see if your life doesn’t flourish

 1.    Meditation – it clarifies your thinking and
connects you to an infinitely higher power.

2.    Sweating – by this I mean a period of daily
exercise – it will make you look better;
feel better; think better; sell better; cope better;
perform better. Why wouldn’t you having
some of those?

3.    SHAGGING – by this I mean setting Smácht
Hairy Audacious Goals.

And SHAGGING is the third reason to thank God
for this Monday. SHAGGING is great. The results
are irrefutable. Those with goals achieve. Those
without struggle. How therefore can you make
SHAGGING an ongoing ROUTINE in your
business and life?

Try this. Some of the top Achievers in the world
do it.

Answer this question posed by Robin Sharma: If
every single thing you want to happen over the
next 12 months happened, what would it all look
Now take the time and Smácht to write this
out. This will provide focus, direction and clarity.
In addition it will infuse you with energy.

Now email it to us and we’ll remind you of it every

Finally, join a mastermind group that will both
hold you accountable to your goals and
encourage you to continue going for them when
you hit a wobble.

That’s what Smácht is – a group of upbeat people
who thank God it’s Monday because they are
living life on PURPOSE.

To learn of a Smácht group starting in your area
please contact me at 091865340.