What are you excited about? And if you’re struggling to answer that question, try. What could you be excited about?

What Are You Excited About?

“What are you excited about?
And if you’re struggling to answer that question, try.
What could you be excited about?”


The sun is up. The boat is on the water. ‘Cruinniu na mBád’ is on in Kinvara.

And Reilly is on holiday for the next week so today’s message is snappy.

And the answer is important because excitement is critical to a fulfilled life.

When you are excited, your emotions become more intense and you are much more likely to make a decision. Excited people always make more decisions – even bad ones.

Excitement leads to action and nothing happens without action.

This is scientifically expounded in NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information, in one of their books in the National Library of Medicine.

The book entitled “Physiological Changes Associated with Emotion” discusses in detail the bodily process that occurs in relation to emotions as quoted below:

“In summary, emotion and motor behavior are inextricably linked. As William James put it more than a century ago:

What kind of an emotion of fear would be left if the feeling neither of quickened heart-beats nor of shallow breathing, neither of trembling lips nor of weakened limbs, neither of goose-flesh nor of visceral stirrings, were present, it is quite impossible for me to think … I say that for us emotion dissociated from all bodily feeling is inconceivable.

William James

What then is “excitement”?

What does it look like?

According to Britannica Dictionary, the definition of EXCITEMENT is a feeling of eager enthusiasm and interest: the state of being excited. Vocabulary.com  defines the term “Excitement as a feeling or situation full of activity, joy, exhilaration, or upheaval. One thing about excitement — it sure isn’t boring.”



Almost everybody in America can stay excited for 2 or 3 months. A few people can stay excited for 2 or 3 years, but a winner will stay excited about 30 years or however long it takes to win.’

Art Williams



1. What are you excited about?

2. What could you be excited about?


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