What Doctors prescribe when they feel depressed and overweight

What Doctors prescribe when they feel depressed and overweightReilly met with his old college buddy, Harry, on Friday last for a couple of scoops.

Harry hosts the Doctor slot on Tipp FM and is justifiably proud of the fact that during Covid, infection rates were lower in North Tipp than almost any other part of the country.

Suffice it to say, he’s a wise and caring GP, and much loved and valued by his patients and listeners.

Reilly’s a bit of a hypochondriac and was bending Harrys ear for information on this drug and the other.

Having patiently given his tuppence halfpenny worth on the merits and side effects of each of the drugs Harry then changed track.

‘Reilly, do you know the best prescription of them all?

Reilly was intrigued. He took out his pen in anticipation of the wonder drug. He even got ahead of himself and hoped Harry might prescribe a bit of it for him.

‘My last patient this afternoon was an elderly lady who was presenting with mild symptoms of depression and a lack of energy, most probably caused by being lonely and overweight. The prescription I prescribed is the most efficacious of them all.

Reilly sat poised, pen at the ready.

‘I prescribed that she attend Nenagh Dog Pound that very afternoon and procure for herself a bouncing new dog. In addition, I gave her the name and number of the dog warden, who’s a personal friend of mine.’

Reilly was singularly unimpressed.

‘Could you not have given her a good drug or maybe a bit of advice that would sorted her out?

‘I could have given her any number of drugs. I could even, as I did on her last visit, have advised her that she needed to join a book club and take exercise, but that was to little avail.’

‘Think of it Reilly. That prescription fulfils the three greatest factors responsible for longevity and quality of life. Socialisation, caring for another and regular exercise. A dog gives you all three.


• In business, as in medicine, throwing money or drugs at a symptom is not always the most effective means of solving a problem. Find a wise mentor to prescribe alternative solutions that may in the long run be infinitely more effective and less destructive than the ‘quick fix.’

• Go beyond simply giving your colleagues and team members instructions and orders. Telling your team that they have to sell more or cut back on expenses makes sense but oftentimes is ignored or avoided. It’s preferable to ‘bring the horse to water’ and have them actually do the activity and take ownership for it.

• There was a wonderful documentary on RTE recently called ‘Super Agers.’ It’s producer, Dónal Maloney, asserted that ‘old age is kinder of some than it is of others. As they advance into their 70s and 80s, many become less mobile and lose cognitive function. Others remain remarkably spry, both physically and mentally. These are the super agers of the title. The good news is that we all have a shot at being super agers. What unites the individuals in the documentary is a commitment to physical activity and strong and loving connections.’


If you want unconditional love, get yourself a dog.’


1. How could you enjoyably have more loving relationships and get more exercise?

2. What ‘dogs from the pound’ could you apply to your business?


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