Your Life Is a Series of Decisions.

To some, Tony Robbins is a loud, vainglorious American speaker who’s only into himself.

To Reilly, he’s simply one of the outstanding communicators in the world and a man on a mission and living a life of purpose.

Thirty years ago Reilly read Robbins’ first book, ‘Unlimited Power,’ and he was blown away by the sheer richness of the content.

He travelled to London to experience the man in the flesh and he wasn’t disappointed. Robbins is the consummate communicator. That day he spent 14 hours on stage in front of 9000 people, almost without a break, delivering content in a truly powerful way.

Twenty years later, Reilly remembers those messages as if he’d heard them yesterday. Always the acid test of a great speaker.

Reilly was surprised to learn that Robbins, a bit like Bill Clinton, had come from a dysfunctional family.

Effectively he’d had four fathers and whilst he loved his mother dearly, she could have been angry and volatile. And they were piddle poor.

One Thanksgiving, when Robbins was very young, he answered a knock on their door.

To his amazement he saw a man laden down with bags of goodies.

In his delight he ran back inside proclaiming ‘Dad, Dad! There’s a man at the door and he’s got FOOD.’

His Dad was clearly unimpressed and in a pique of anger charged towards the front door.

‘We don’t take charity from strangers’ and went to slam the door shut.

He hadn’t bargained on the other man adroitly slotting his foot in between the door and the frame.

‘Sir, I’m just the delivery guy. This is a Thanksgiving gift from someone who cares.’

Looking down at the young Tony he added.

Please don’t let your family suffer because of your pride.’

Reluctantly, the Dad snatched the parcels and stomped inside without saying a word.


That incident was an epiphany of sorts for the young and formative Robbins.

‘That day, I realised that there are 3 decisions we’re making, every moment and how you answer those can dramatically impact the reality of your life.’

The first of those decisions is ‘What Do You Focus On.’

He made the point that two people can share the exact same experience yet perceive it completely differently.

Robbins was focused on the wonderful pressies in the bags. His father was focused on the ignominy of accepting charity because he couldn’t provide for his family.

The second decision relates to meaning and posing the question ‘What Does This Mean To You?

For the young Robbins it was a life changing experience. Whilst his Dad nursed his ego it struck Robbins forcibly that there are good people in the world and people who care.

‘It made me decide that I cared too. I gave that interaction meaning. Meaning equals emotion, and emotion equals life, my friend.’

The third decision is ‘What Are You Going To Do About It?’

Here’s what Robbins decided.

‘I devised a plan to give back, as that kind, mysterious stranger had done for my family. I resolved right then and there to become successful enough so that I could help others the way that my neighbour helped me and my family.’

‘This was the origin of my life’s goal to end hunger.’

Tony has a goal of providing one billion meals to people in need. At the time of writing he has delivered 946 million meals throughout America.

He may be loud and in your face but he’s got a great story, a great purpose and a great vision.


I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.’
— Stephen Covey.
Your destiny is shaped in your moments of decision.’
— Tony Robbins.


1. What’s your origin or signature story?
2. What’s your purpose or deep calling in life?
3. What’s your vision?
4. What decisions will you make today and in 2023?


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