It’s hard to believe it but Reilly has been teaching time management to the good and the great for the guts of thirty years. He was asked some time ago to recommend a time management tool for business leaders. This was his response.

It’s called ‘The Ultimate Time Management Tool.’ 

It comes in two versions. The first is the text as he wrote it and the second as it appeared on a postcard and a poster printed at that time. Enjoy and experience both.

‘The Ultimate Time Management Tool.’
By Pádraic Ó Máille.

May your days be filled with peace and purpose and prosperity.

Begin by honouring the morning for it is surely the rudder of the day.

Take time to be still and listen to your quiet inner voice.

Then move your body vigorously. 

You will feel better. Look better. Think better. Perform better.

There is no greater return on investment.

You are happiest when you are creating.

Begin this moment to create. 

A baby. A business. A career. A movement. A song. A story.

But most of all create a legacy. 

Be remembered as an example not as a warning.

Discover at all costs what you love to do and do it daily with gusto

Even if this means jettisoning your secure day job.

Resolve this day to live your life like a buffalo charging head on into 

Your fears thereby minimising your exposure to worry.

Travel extensively, not just geographically, but to the edges and Frontiers of your comfort zones.

There you’ll find your peace and purpose and prosperity.

Enjoy the journey and the company for

They are as important as the destination.

Mostly today, be grateful for this moment.

When you’ve completed all the courses and read all the books

You’ll realise that this is the ultimate time management tool.

The present moment.


‘The past is history. The future is a mystery. This moment is a gift. That is why this moment is called the ‘present.’
Deepak Chopra.


If you felt called by the sentiments of The Ultimate Time Management Tool and are struggling to make them a reality in your business or life Pádraic begins a new Smácht Programme in April. Please email him onp@omaille.ieor call on 087-2647817 to discuss.


  1. Where do you live mostly? The past; the future; or the present?