It often struck Reilly that many of life’s richest rewards show up after a period of discomfort.

The American writer, James Clear of Atomic Habits fame, recently asked the question.

‘Are you willing to be uncomfortable for 5 minutes?

Exercising is easier once you’ve started the workout.

Conversation is easier once you’re already talking.

Writing is easier once you’re in the middle of it.’

So what have you been putting off because you’ve been discouraged by the perceived discomfort?

For many business people they are unwilling to face the discomfort of creating a business plan. 

The good news is that Reilly has made it very easy for them. His new One Page Smácht Plan takes less than 60 minutes to create and once done will provide you with the control and organisation and planning to take decisive action on your business. 

Imagine! One hour to put shape and direction and Smácht on your business. If you’re interested email Reilly onp@omaille.ieto arrange a plan. A One Page Plan.

(Thanks to Bill Bishop and Margaret Cox who put Reilly through the coaching ringer live on Thursday last. Bills key point is that you need a big idea for your business and this big idea needs to be about your customer, not you.)


  1. Are you willing to be uncomfortable for 5 minutes to get into better shape; start selling more; or creating a legacy?
  2. What is your Big Idea for 2022?
  3. How motivational is your One Page Smácht Plan?